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DubhDara - The Quest for Treasure on Dot Island
(Pacific shard - 20070328)
I am DubhDara a grand master treasure hunter in the lands of britannia.

While looking through my collection of treasure maps my friends and I have collected off the great demons of britannia. I stumbled acrossed a map which said to have great fortune.

Looking at the map I realized it was on Dot Island which is just north west of the justice shrine.

Knowing how many great monsters protect treasures I decided to recruit some friends. Unfortunatly most thought I was crazy to attempt to recover great treasures on an island that small.
However I was able to find two brave souls, or perhaps insane, willing to join me. Sydney and Misty Moon.

We decided it might be best to set up a handful of boats to retreat to. Knowing how dangerous the spawn can get around this type of treasure we decided to set up a fleet headed back to the main lands.

We warned "Dave the Citizen" that we might make some guardians of treasures angry by disturbing there keepsake. He did not reply and decided to stay where he was.

After testing the fleet for sturdiness we decide its time to start digging. We weren't able to summon many magical creatures on this island as its soo small, so luck had to be on our side.

And of course luck was on our side, an ancient wyrm, a titan and two blood elementals what could be easier! To be safe I decided to head to the front fleet ship.

Much to my misfortune, a blood elemental teleported to the ship and my luck was an at end.

After being healed by great magics I went to look for the items I had dropped. Again some very bad luck. They were no longer at the spot I had left them. (corpse glitched on the boat,oh no!)

I decided to recall out to restock my reagents and lock picks. When I came back my items were back on the ship! (hooray crossing the server line fixed the glitch!).

Finally after clearing the initial spawn of monsters we had our first peak at the treasure, ooh soo much treasure!

I can't believe "Dave the Citizen" was still alive through the bloodshed!

While pulling out the treasures we wanted a balron appeared almost out of no where!

The balron had its eye out on my companions and started to attack our fleets flag ship. But of course I was able to send the balron back to hell where it came from with might magics of lightning.

With all the carnage it seemed quite silent on the island.

Another Ancient Wyrm.

I don't think the Ancient Wyrm liked me taking its treasures, I retreated to the fleets flag ship just in time.

We finally emptied the chest and defeated the spawn. It was time to get off this island of death.

We said our goodbye's to "Dave the Citizen" and were on our way off the island.

Victory and the spoils of war

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