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Atlas : Ilshenar
Ancient Lair
Ankh Dungeon
Blood Dungeon
Central Ilshenar Passage
Exodus Dungeon
Lizard Passage
Mushroom Cave
Rat Cave
Rock Dungeon
Serpentine Passage
Spectre Dungeon
Spider Cave
Terort Skitas "Sorcerer's Dungeon"
Twisted Weald
The Twisted Weald
Closest Gate : Spirituality
Last Update : 2007-04-10

Detailed Information

Though the Twisted Weald is not a dungeon in itself, it seems to be classified as such.
The entry is located inside the Mushroom Cave, via a teleporter to the north of the cave. To enter The Twisted Weald you must first accept a quest to kill a dreadhorn. This quest can be obtained in heartwood.

The Twisted Weald is home of the "Dread Horn", "Cu-Sidhe's", "Swoops" and more.
Wisp Dungeon
The Wisp Dungeon
Closest Gate : Honesty
Last Update : 2007-04-10

Lower Wisp Dungeon Rune Teleporters Lower Wisp Dungeon Rune Teleporters
The Wisp Hive The wisp hive entrance is inside of the wisp dungeon

At the Red wisp statue "Knoledge Can Be Gained With A Single Spoken Word." speak the words "ManifestationsOfWisdom" and access to the wisp hive will be granted.

The map of the Wisp Hive

*Image Courtesy of http://sahra.swift.googlepages.com/
Reg Volom
Gargoyle City
 Valor Champion
 Humility Champion
 Forest Lord Champion
History Of Ilshenar
Quest For Lenmir Anfinmotas, A possible link to Reg Volom

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