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Welcome to our Ultima Online Atlas. Here you will find alot of information about the lands of Sosaria, heeps of information about the world of Ultima Online and detailed maps for every facet. Information about Felucca, Trammel, The Lost Lands, Ilshenar, Malas and the Tokuno Islands can be found in this atlas.

Each sub section of the atlas contains an indivudual map and with the features of javascript and style sheets you can see either the base map, the map with the overlay of city names, island names, moongates and alot more.

Inside each subsection there is are links to information about locations noted on the map overlays. Click these sections to get more information, links to other website and links to our detailed information section which contains images, notes and other detailed information.

Maps were created with the assistance of InsideUO (for the raw map images, including the elevation layers) and GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program - for the primary layer masking and image manipulation).

Felucca -
The land we call home. Where it all began. Now turned to a wasteland of the remaining murderers, thieves, and some seekers of justice.
The waste both humans and elves create do "our" nature. Tis a shame Lord British fled these lands.
Wealth is to be obtained through champions and there powerscrolls.
Trammel -
The safe lands, Under the Rule of Lord British... Somewhat an abomination of "life" as the realm was created by the magicks of Lord British and Nystul the Mage.
This is a land where humanity unites to fight the vile monsters of sosaria.
The Lost Lands - Felucca -

AKA : T2A (The Second Age) / Ansaria
The Lost Lands - Trammel -

AKA : T2A (The Second Age) / Ansaria
Ilshenar -

Is this the land where we all come from? The gargoyles with there virtues? Mythos says we may have stolen our virtues from them!
Malas -

During the Age of Shadows
Tokuno Islands -

The Lands to the east!

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Wow, your talk about    Submitted By : Connie    ( 2014-04-18    07:18:20 )
Wow, your talk about Everquest reminded me of the good old days. Boy did I lhtoae going through the 50 s in Everquest. That game was so fun though, I think it is probably even more addicting than WoW if you know how to play well.I'm working on my Insane in the Membrane achievement on Rivendare right now (my name is characters name) so wish me luck, I'm trying to do it quickly rather than over the course of 6 months like most people. I'm trying to do 2,000 rep for each one on a daily basis. Hard, but I don't think impossible. The most difficult one will be the Darkmoon Faire rep and perhaps Shen'dralar since my server has a terrible market and I can't buy any of my pristine black diamonds on it without spending 300g +

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