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Hamburglar The Lamer
The Macro
There have been alot of players casting IN MANI YELM or Create food in the middle of a PVP fight. Now seriously something didn't sound right about this who in there right mind would do this? I posted my question on stratics http://vboards.stratics.com/showthread.php?t=136478 the official Ultima Online Forums. The feedback was amazing. Hearing tales that it cuts back your disarming speed where you can rearm a different weapon really fast with the use of UOassist.

Well thats all great but it didn't sound right. I was hearing things from others off the forums that it didn't take any mana, it was used for special moves, etc etc. I couldn't prove any of this. Finally a very nice feller in an opposing guild (who btw the way is a very nice dude and seems to play legit like myself) told me that it had to deal with the in game macros and getting them to go off at about the same time. Dinking around I came up with this. CastSpell - Create food
and VWALLA. Tested with armor ignore which takes 20 mana on the first attack and 40 on the second. So I went up to a critter hit it used 20 mana hit my new test macro did armor ignore again and it only cost me 20 mana.

This totally negated the timer on using your special moves repeatedly.

The Bug Abuser
I'd like to thank The "Bug Abuser" Hamburglar [TB] [S0N!] of the Pacific Shard for being a little bluebie lamer and doing using this on me to peak my curiousity. Very nice how you were able to cast mortal repeatedly on me. I just thought you had an uber suit, lame dude very lame. You've just been WorKed n MerKed!.

2009.04.08 Balka [D0S-]

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