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Another Dumb Screenshot on Stratics

Another Dumb Screenshot on Stratics

This is in response to Okay |M| Where are you? a thread in an Ultima Online Forum
How did you get your gameplay window like that??????
by KalVasTENKI - Post #9
Who questioned the original poster (OP)
Where are you M

We are looking for you
by SetItOff - Post #1
The answer is simple if you know how to do some digging Mr. TENKI...
First - I must state that I used grade school mathematics dealing with division and ratio's to solve this puzzle.

I took an aspect ratio of the paperdoll in the image and compared it to a fresh screenshot of mine. The screenshot of the OP shows the paperdoll which has the size 159x197. I compared this to images paperdoll and discovered a normal paperdoll is 260x322. Taking the 159 and dividing it by 260 will give us the percentage of 61.15%. We'll also take the other dimensions of 197 and divide it by 322 giving us the percentage of 61.18%. Using the program GIMP I was able to scale my image by 61.24% (which is the closest option the scaling algorithm gives me). I was able to create the wonderful image from the original with a normal paperdoll with a red outline and a normal gameplay window of the maximum size 800x600 also with a red outline.

I wanted to know the gameplay window size of this poster to do this we used the rough percentage of 61.15% from above and can estimate the window being 1189x794. That is slightly larger than the normal gameplay window of 800x600, 389 pixels wider and 194 pixels taller.

My curiousity took ahold of me I wanted to know the Windows Screen resolution . I decided to do more math and came up with a gameplay window size of roughly 1649.90x1031.93. So my math is flawed oh well an educated guess would say it's a wide screen maybe a WSXGA "Widescreen Super eXtended Graphics Array Plus" running at 1680x1050.

Second - we play computer forensics! I noticed the image was being hosted by Photobucket, thats simple by the URL of http://i669.photobucket.com/albums/vv55/jeff916/adsa.jpg. Ooh that's pretty cool a lot of information available from that, a Photobucket user name of jeff916 and a URL path we can trickle down.
If a Photobucket profile is open to the public, so to say, we can find other images and other information about the owner of the Photobucket account.

Ok Ok lets not go into the computer forensics of Photobucket stuff I already had fun with that. Back to digging up some information that may help us understand how the screenshots gameplay window is abnormally large. Oooh we found something neat on the second screenshot Untitled-2.jpg.

It's a Journal!

That's a little bit hard to read lets make it bigger

ooh see anything strange there? I DO! Lightning and Last Target have Brackets around them like these []. Hmm ok what can this do for us?

Third - People are resources too! Talking to some folks that play on unsanctioned shards I discovered the name of the program that makes Brackets! YAY!
Next I did some reseach on this unnamed third party application and got this quote
"Depending on your screen resolution you should have plenty of black room to put those in. ***** also has an option to increase the game play size if you think it is too small. By default it won't go higher than 800*600."
Conclusion - Well Mr. Tenki, I really can't answer your question on the stratics forum besides telling you its an illegal third party application.

Outside of stratics we can say the program is Razor!

Reference - http://www.iceteks.com/articles.php/ultimaonline/2