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Battle of the Dragons

(September 5, 2009)

Some time ago rumors of a battle that could tip the scales of faction power were told. We had known it would affect the chaos and order aligned factions. Today was the day of that battle! The Platinum Dragons stood on the side of Order (True Britannians and the Council of Mages) and the Crimson Dragons stood on the side of Chaos (Minax and the Shadow Lords). Fate would hold its breath today as the inhabitants of Sosaria helped determine the outcome.

Dawn sent us to an area in the Lost Lands in Felucca, south of the "North Minoc Passage" near the "Hoppers Bog" Champion Spawn. We entered near a gate that led the wounded "innocents" to the healers at Serpents Hold, which is one of the few towns faction guards have no control over. A small choke point was easily noticed as the waves of citizens flowed into battle.

The magical energy protecting the Platinum Dragons was like a light hazy fog that would fade in and out while we battled. The Battle appeared even in numbers one Crimson per Platinum, or so I thought. The Platinum Dragons were weakened and near defeat when we arrived. It is said in battle most casualties are taken as their reinforcements arrive. The false hope we gave the Platinum's made their defeat much easier, a sense of calming came over them even though the Crimsons still fought on.

Rushing into battle, filled with adrenaline, the warriors did not think about their human adversaries that would soon follow. The small choke point between the battle and our "safe haven" moongate to Serpent's Hold became a major part of this battle. The Warriors not only had to battle the Crimson Dragons to the South but were being flanked by the faction warriors of Minax to the North. The initial wave of chaotic opponents slaughtered those who tried to hold their ground at the choke point between the mountains. Without the support of the Platinum Dragons we would have all been slaughtered.

The Crimson Dragons began to outnumber the Platinum Dragons. It seemed fate was about ready to unleash its evil upon the land. One Platinum Dragon stood against at least four if not more Crimson Dragons. Against all odds the Platinum Dragon held on while the citizens loyal to the realm assisted in vanquishing all but one of the Crimson Dragons. Scatters of chaotic aligned opponents attempted to defeat the forces of good. Many were distracted and the end was coming near. The Platinum Dragons fight raged on. Energy Vortexes surrounded the Platinum Dragon while the Crimsons claws dripped with the blood of its adversary. With a sliver of life left in the Platinum Dragon, mages healed what little life force the Platinum held onto.

With the chaos aligned warriors being pushed back for the time being, the citizens of Sosaria focused their full attention on the Crimson Dragon. Greater Dragons, controlled by Legendary Tamers of the land, came to the aid of the last standing Platinum Dragon. The last Crimson Dragon roared with its last breath as the warriors of virtue expelled all of their energy into its flesh-torn scales.
With the blood still thick in the air, Dawn swiftly took the surviving Platinum Dragon to safety. As soon as the Dragon was safe we regrouped at the healers. The healers at "Serpent's Hold Healer" quickly assisted the surviving warriors before a gate was opened to the Counselor's Hall in the Trammel Facet.

Upon reaching the Counselor's Hall we were greeted by EM Lillimu. We were given a quick recap on the battle that had just passed. Throughout the chaos of the battle I am sure many like myself are grateful for these recaps. We were reminded how close we became to succumbing to the power of the Crimson Dragons, but the Virtues have prevailed, the side of honor and courage have won!

Besides the normal Crimson loot which is similar to that of Peerless bosses, many of us looted the corpses of seasoned PVP'ers. The loot received consisted of hundreds if not thousands of stones of potions, bandages, trap boxes, bags of sending and other common PVP gear.

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what a fabulous wind    Submitted By : Marcela    ( 2014-04-18    04:21:17 )
what a fabulous windedg momento. Much better than flowers that are dead a weak into married life. Or if you're like me never even make it home with you because you leave them in a sink in the loos at your reception. hey ho, if I did it all over again I'd be placing an order for sure. lush x

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