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Blackrock golems invading Magincia

Blackrock golems invading Magincia
Sunday October 10th, 2010 (on going)

Blackrock golems have been spotted in Magincia. Last night blackrock golems were spotted desecrating the island which once held the majestic city of Magincia. A horde of Bane humanoids, pets and demons have also been sighted. Little is still known about the alignment of the Bane forces. With the recent war between the Bane and Ophidian armies, perhaps the ophidians were the righteous creatures.

Not only do these blackrock juiced up creatures hit hard, they also chase after their enemies at a high rate of speed. Rumors are they are weak against cold damage. A few tamers and spell casters can successfully take down one of these blackrock golems with some work.