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Is EA reacting to Cheaters?
The Answer is YES!!!
Cheaters Postings
Image removed from Official UO Forums of client side cheats
The best game of all time Ultima Online has had a rough time, especially now with many known cheat programs. After little to no response besides duping items EA may actually be doing something. As seen recently by the houses burning in Luna, threads of cheaters gloating are getting removed from the official UO forums.
Perhaps EA is just as tired of cheaters as its loyal players. I would love to hear some reports from Great Lakes to see if the player SlipKnot has been banned. Is the guild EVil EVil [EV1L] going to be on great lakes much longer. What type of guild is this lead by a cheater? http://my.uo.com/cgi-bin/guilds.pl?g=e5bab961123f8a07:3

Lyconis - 2008-02-22