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Assassination of Clainin
Attacks at the Shadow Lords base
Knowing the Shadow Lords were concocting a vile plan against our lands of Sosaria the recruitment level was bound to increase. When we heard of there plans, still not knowing what they would be, we started active patrols on of the base. We took refuge in a house near the base and waited for activity at the signup post. Our patrol scouts were ordered to kill any new recruits on site to detour an active rise in this faction of evil.

A new portal in the Shadow Lord base appeared. Our intelligence tells us it opens to an sacrificial room of the Shadow Lords. We have discovered access will be granted via the pass code of "chaos". It appears the spirit forms of the Shadow Lords can still enter through this void portal.

clainin 3
We had gotten word of the time the dastardly plans were going down but were still clueless on what was going to happen and where. We had heard news reports of the Royal Thaumaturgist Clainin recovering in an undisclosed location. Small battles were taking place near the Shadow Lord Signup post. Some potential recruits told us they would page to a deity of theirs called a "Game Master" whatever that may be. We decided the deity they talked about was complete blasphemy so we decided to kill them. Some wanderers in the wilderness started attacking us too, not knowing who or what they pledge there alliance to we decided to kill them too.

clainin 4
Discovery of Clainins Location
Our hunch of the Shadow Lords evil plans dealing were confirmed through our mages deep meditative trances and our sources in the winds. One of our mages envisioned Clainin in a building that had a sign post with a blue cross with a red background in a sandstone building. We studied the land and decided to search the city of Trinsic. (Thank you "Luka Melehan" Reporter for Siege Perilous for these visions). Our visions led us to the "Trinsic Training Hall"

The Location was near empty when we first arrived, though shortly after our arrival we were greeted by Royal Paladins. We talked to Clainin and he told us he had a feeling of grave danger and had summoned the Royal Paladins. He was pleased to see us come to his aid, we spent our town resources from faction taxation to hire more guards, we hired every available henchman, mercenary and mage we could find in short notice.

Arrival of the Shadow Lords
Mere minutes after we had started to fortify the position our scouts reported incoming Shadow Lords coming from the west bridge. Many had gotten inside the lower levels of the building, but with the help of the guards we were able to keep them from going up the stairways.

We started pushing the battle outside of the make shift stronghold, casting poison fields at the entrances to make ill the forces trying to stealth passed. Energy Vortexes started appearing and great magic were being cast from both factions.

Some members not in the Shadow Lord Faction appeared to be assisting the evil attack, they were killed as well. I would assume there were some non warring players in the wrong location at the wrong time which became casualties of this battle.

After the first wave in battle our Council of Mages guards held strong as so did the Royal Paladins. Looting the corpses of the Shadow Lords we discovered daggers made from obsidian. Our researchers believe these are weapons with demonic power honed to damage the pure and good inside making these weapons the adversarial weapons to the Royal Paladins.

clainin 10
Our Reinforcements arrived to aid in deterring the greatest Shadow Lord Warriors.

Appearance of Melissa
A strange hooded figure appeared to walk passed our defenses.

At a closer look of the figure we noticed it was Melissa now Servant of Nosfentor!

We attempted to attack her, field her from entering the building but she walked in passed our defenses and took no damage like she was invulnerable to anything around her!

She walked up to Clainin and knocked him down in the blink of an eye. She started to rant about destroying him so his soul would no longer exist! No mortal weapon or magic could stop her.

An Explosion nearly killing all who were inside crumbled portions of the building. Another short battle ensued outside Some of us went to defend what was left of our nearly destroyed stronghold while others attempted to refortify it and clean some of the rubbish.

Clainin's Corpse lay there lifeless trinkets he had held were all around his body, but no sign of his spell book was found.

We pushed the remaining Shadow Lord out of the area.
Our hope is those siding with the forces of evil for some greater reward will head our warnings of their vile and non virtuous ways.

Late arrival of Minax and Allies
Some time after looking at the aftermath of what happened (10 - 15 minutes after the "event was over") the fallen lords and Super Best Friends came in ready for battle.

The sheer speed of the Minax mages was amazing their casting and moving timing over powered our own skills! Thankfully the leader of the fallen lords Arycke kept most of our members that fell out of stat loss.

2009.03.28 Balka [D0S-]

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