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Lord Blackthorns Coronation
Thursday October 11th, 2012

Tonight we gathered ath Lord Blackthorns castle. My timing couldn't have been better, as I walked into the castle it was none other than Lord Dupre walking into the thrown room.

After the honor moongate was destroyed in Ilshenar, the plague infecting the gargoyles ran rampant through the lands. Lord Blackthorn was found in a tiny fishing village in Ter Mur, with his keen knowledge of the world he was able to create a cure for the plague ridden gargoyles. It was decided with his prior experiences and his kind deeds, that he may be the leader Sosaria needed!

Lord Dupre declared Lord British the new king of the lands and placed a crown upon his head.

Most of the crowd cheered as we would finally be a society with a leader! Though Blackthorns views may be hated by some as he is viewed as a procurer of chaos. Blackthorn's views also lead to a balance, which is where his chaotic views came in.

Upon recieving the crown, blackthorns shroud was removed and the future king stood proudly infront of his new flock of followers.

The crowd cheered for some time as a small pyrotechnic display of fireworks went on display. Some of the crowd displayed there hatred towards the new king, and expressed there loyalty to Lord British.

Lord Blackthorn opened a moongate and invited his new followers to enter to recieve a token of his appreciation. The moongate was spawned in the courtyard of the castle and only appeared for a short period of time (perhaps five minutes)

The gate took us to the mountains of Ilshenar where a giant obsidian statue of Lord Blackthorn stood tall. Upon close inspection there lay the token of his appreciate, a replica of his thrown!

His thrown is the length of three men and is easy to walk around. The thrown comes in a deed form and is not blessed.

In other news, a new artist/graphics designer has joined the Ultima Online Team! We are calling him by the name "Noob" which appears to be the name given to him by his peers. One can only speculate that his adventures in Ultima have just started!

We should all be disappointed as Cyno met some of the players he has ruthlessly killed in game. But in real life he came up short and was unable to cast a flame strike on any of them! Perhaps he just fizzled at them while trying to GM his magery.

Devil99 has

A copy of the transcript between Dupre and Blackthorn can be found below

Dupre :
Come closer if you can not hear me.
Fellow Britannians! For some time our great lands have been wrought with Strife.
Whilst I battled fiercely the Sorceress Minax and her forces in Felucca,
I watched as the land of Trammel was left to its own divide.
Cities tore away and the nobility ignored the peasantry in the absence of a Crown.
Taking advantage of this distraction the vile Exodus, freed through greed,
*shakes head*
tore the lands of ilshenar asunder.

But with its death a darker and more sinister evil was released upon the Honor Moongate.
the Gargish faced a deadly plague with no hope for cure.
Then I heard news of a tiny fishing village in Ter Mur.
And just when I thought my ears had been deceived before me stood Lord Blackthorn,
diligently assisting the afflicted gargoyles.

In a spectacular display the arcane arts the evil that had shattered the Honor moongate was
purged and the Moongate was once again restored to its brilliant blue.

It would seem things in our world occur in threes, and so is the case with Blackthorn's return.

My Lords and Ladies, for too long has Britannia been without proper rule.
For too long has Trammel been without guidance.

It is clear from his actions that this man is not the deformed evil many came to know,
but instead our hope for the future.
*eyes shine brightly*

With the support of the Nobility and the thanks of Queen Zhaha, her citizens,
and Britannian's everywhere it is my privilege and honor as a Champion of Britannia
to hearby Crown you, Lord Blackthorn, as King of Britannia!

*places crown upon his head*

Blackthorn :
I humbly accept this great honor and pledge to protect all citizens!
Thank you Lord Dupre.

Dupre :
Long Live The King!

Blackthorn :
Thank you all for your kindness and support tonight.
I would like to give something back to everybody tonight.
As my thanks and appreciation for your support.
Please follow me.

2012.10.11 Balka