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Dawn's Quest (Ends Friday 3/19/2010)

Dawn's Quest
Start - Sunday March 14th, 2010 6pm PST, End - Friday March 19th, 2010)

This is an on-going event, scavenger hunt in style, and can be completed Friday March 19th, 2010.
If you missed the introduction Sunday March 14th you can still start! At the counselors hall in Britain Trammel you will find a book labeled "March 14" along with lanterns that will give clues to the quest. The first players or group to complete the quest will have their names inscribed on plaques at the reward hall and have a possible future working for Queen Dawn!

Each day a new portion of the quest will become available. If you have reached the end point for the day the NPC you are talking to may give you a message similar to "[Your progress has ended for now. Come back tomorrow]". Tomorrow means the next real world day around noon, you can come back later than noon if real world endeavours keep you from Ultima Online. Bah, perhaps you should just put real life on hold what is more important than an Ultima Online Quest!

On the final day, Friday, a pass-phrase will be given to you from the NPC. You can send this pass-phrase to EM Cyno Razik through the winds (email at EMCynoRazik@gmail.com)

The quest starts with the Warden of Britain, you must search the city of Britain to find him, start asking questions and you will be told what you must do next!

The quest touches all facets including Felucca! If you are unable to find the quest NPC try searching for them on another facet. The quest NPC's will have a yellow status bar, their names at least in the 2d client will also show up as yellow.



If you are having trouble getting started read on!

The first NPC you must find is "Box the City Warden" located in the city of Britain. He can be found just South West of the Britain West Bank at 7o 59'S 6o 11'E. Start by saying his name "Box" or "Warden". You will need one item to get passed this NPC which is "Tomato Soup". You can purchase tomato soup at the bar one screen east of his location.

If you are successful chattering with Box the Warden he will tell you "I hear there's something strange in Dungeon Deceit. Look for clues and tell me what you find."
In the Dungeon Deceit you will find lanterns starting with a number and the letter "a", you can find them easily with the object handles (hitting CTRL+SHIFT in the 2d client). Lantern 7 is sitting upon the crates as soon as you enter the dungeon, as shown in the picture above. After you have found all 7 of the lanterns go back to Box the Warden and read the phrase the lanterns make (first word will be the text from lantern 1a, followed by 2a, 3a, etc. )