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Detective Quest - Murder of Esme Beaumont

(August 28, 2009)

An eerie feeling was in the air in Trammel today. It took me a while to figure out why, then I noticed a book near a Moongate. I had remembered some lanterns around the towns asking for able bodied citizens to meet at the Counselor's Guild Hall. Making my appearance at the Hall it appeared the event had been long over. To my amazement the quest was still available for the late comers!
The book at the Britain Moongate spoke of a murder that had happened in Trammel. Hard to believe that the powers of Lord British and the Time Lord had been weaned enough for a murder to occur! After reading the book our investigation led us to the area South of Skara Brae.

Spoiler Alert
Do Not read beyond this point if would like to figure this quest out
Spoiler Alert

After exploring the farm lands around Skara Brae we came across a corpse! Near the corpse lay a bloodied hatchet, a butcher knife, shoes and two thousand gold pieces. What type of murderer would leave two thousand gold pieces, could this murder be about the gold?

After investigating the crime scene we went to consult with Amelia the fortune teller. She has been a great source of insight for us in the past. Amelia told us that Esme may have lived somewhere in Trinsic, in the Trammel facet. We continued our investigation in Trinsic.

Searching the town we were able to find the dwell of Esme. Inside we found a bag with gems and gold along with a pink diary on chest of drawers. A story of an uncle who lived outside of Skara Brae, and a drunken stupor with the Moongates leading Esme to the Felucca Skara Brae Gate. Esme wrote of some talking book who wished to be called "Relvinian", which was found in some type of Labyrinth. It seemed this mystical book had intrigued her, perhaps put a spell on Esme. It is hard to say how much Esme had drunk but she was certain the spellbook was some sort of old soul or even a king.

We decided this information may be useful to Amelia. She told us there were many books and only one would respond to its true name. We decided to head to Felucca in search of a Labyrinth and spellbooks laying about.

The only place we call Labyrinth is in the facet of Malas, what could this drunken young girl have been thinking. We pulled out some of our land maps and saw the Hedge Maze, this could easily be taken as a Labyrinth especially if one was inebreated. Searching around the Hedge Maze we noticed many books laying about. We started to speak the name "Relvinian" to these books. After searching around the hedge maze we found one book spoke back to us.
The book told us of the one who trapped it in the book. It... He told us that a Madam Mimeux may be the one who killed Esme!
We searched the hedge maze to find Mimeux's base of operation. The area Relvinian told us about appeared to be abandoned, however we found a red lantern that seemed out of place.

Returning to Amelia's we told her of our discovery. We were told that something had been in the opposite facet of Trammel in the Hedge Maze. As we were late for this event we learned that whatever had been in Trammel was now gone. Our detective adventure was now at an end.

Talking to citizens that were able to attend the event we were told stories of some monstrosities that were in the Hedge Maze. We were told black Hydra's were guarding the new lair of Madam Mimeux. Those who vanquished these vile guardians received some type of cloaks.

Em Lillimu has posted a walkthrough on the event moderator website. Click here to see it!

User Comments
It is a common trap     Submitted By : Azeez    ( 2014-04-18    06:19:53 )
It is a common trap for many, if not all, arlcseohogiats to make assumptions about items not readily identifiable that they must be religious in nature. This of course, discounts the human need for art and beauty as well as the possibility that these objects could even have been tools of some kind whose purpose is still lost in the mists of time. Given enough time future arlcseohogiats will be excavating our civilization and likely conclude that televisions were probably something to do with religion as most people seemed to have one or more in their home lol.Great post Brendan

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