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Easter Event
The masses of Pacific appeared for this years Easter Egg Hunt. It was hosted by the "Easter Bunny" and the "Evil Easter Bunny" (the Event Managers of pacific woot!).

easter event 2
Simple rules were explained. First the Easter Bunny started explaining the rules then stated, there are "No Rules". Eggs were going to be set in Felucca and Trammel, not Ilshenar, Malas, or Tokuno.

easter event 3
The locations of the eggs for both trammel and felucca. Hythloth was quickly swarmed and locked down by S0N! (the "WorKed n MerKed!" guild in the True Britannians Faction). Few players went to the Felucca locations to hunt Easter Eggs. Those that went to Felucca rant the risk of there eggs stolen from theives and pk's!

Spottings in towns of the Easter Bunny were sighted dropping eggs. The Easter Bunny would make a quick appearance drop a few eggs then vanish into thin air, reappear and drop more.

After most of the Easter Eggs were retrieved by the massive player horde on pacific the Easter Bunnies asked everyone to form a line. In a short amount of time a line fromed from the Counselor's Guild passing the bridge to the east.

easter event 6
Some of the lucky folk standing in line got to the front!

easter event 7

easter event 8
Others had bad luck and when they got to the front of the line the Easter Bunny ran away. I guess some karma for killing players in Felucca trying to steal there eggs decided to set in quickly.

The Easter Bunnies were dressed in full virtue armor wearing talismans of vorpal bunny summoning and holding a fancy hally!

easter event 10
The Bunnies asked everyone to go back to the Counselor's Guild and wait while they place eggs around some of the cities. They noticed players running around chasing them trying to find more eggs! So they decided to change there plans with the last hundred or so Easter Eggs to be placed.

easter event 11
After some work the bunnies opened a gate into the star room (trammel facet) The floor was littered with Easter Eggs. The eggs used the same graphic as a full lime or lemon with a variety of different texts and colors.
The Easter Eggs that were on the floor of the star room were gathered up nearly as soon as some players could enter the room due to the latency caused by the horde of pacific players.

The "Evil Easter Bunny" decided to sign valentines day cards. The EM's on Pacific have been signing players valentines cards (players must bring the cards) with the special event names and giving them back to the players. This line was much shorter than the line for an Easter Egg.

easter event 13
After a long hard day of work and entertainment the Evil Bunny bid us farewell.

easter event 14
The number of eggs dropped on pacific range from 600 to 1000 Easter Eggs. The numbers reported varied, and we'd like to assume many players helped keep the items "rare" by eating some of them.

A handful of the names that appeared on the eggs were
"An Engraved Easter Egg: Pacific 2009"
"A Curiously Decorated Easter Egg"
"Elf-Decorated Easter Egg"
"An Exceedingly Elegant Easter Egg Painted By Amelia Varaeli'n"
"A Magical Easter Egg"
"A Creamy Chocolate Easter Egg"
"Shiny Easter Egg"
"A Festively Painted Easter Egg"
"Special Lord British Castle Easter Egg"
"An Orcish Easter Egg"
"Highly Polished Easter Egg"

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