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Easter Bunny Makes an Early Appearence
easter bunny 1
The Easter Bunny
Making an early appearance on pacific this monday hopped around Luna and Britain Banks!

easter bunny 2
Much chatter about the sighting of this pink bunny near the upcomming holiday. The bunny stated firmly the he was infact the Easter Bunny!

The bunny hopped around dropping a few easter eggs on the ground! And then led us to the Counselor's Hall.

easter bunny 4
While the bunny tested his magical Easter power we were shipped off into the middle of no where. The Easter Bunny tried to humor us so we would not be fightened being STUCK in the middle of nowhere!

The bunny asked us to meet at luna gate so we hurridly rushed there. I became agitated and started touching everything. These Easter Powers began playing tricks on me, either that or being stuck in the woods for so long did something to the wet noodle between my ears. The easter bunny for a split second appeared as a purple lady only wearing a bra and undies!

After some work the Easter Bunny was able to muster enough magical powers and gated us to the Brand New Event Reward Hall on Pacific!

After a viewing all the wonderful decorations inside. Everyond felt it would be good to convince the Easter Bunny to hide a few more eggs. We figured Ale would be a wonderful coaxing method.

Minutes later the bunny asked us to stay inside the new Event Item house while he hid eggs around the neighborhood.

Everyone dashed out of the house when the bunny told us to go. May I add the folks that were there were very polite and listened to the easter bunny and did not rush off for a head start!. Afterwards the Easter Bunny sat in the middle of his pond to get some rest.

easter bunny 10
The Real Easter Egg Hunt will occur Easter Sunday 4/12/2009 at 7pm Pacific Standard Time (on the pacific shard). The meeting location will be the Counselor's Hall in the city of Britannia (just north east of castle british)

easter bunny 11
The selection of eggs that will be hidden are different colors than we have seen before. Be sure to notice that these are not the "Brightly Colored Eggs" you can find on vorpal bunnies and are just called Eggs. Also take note that if you stack these eggs with the brightly colored eggs they will be turned into "Brightly Colored Eggs".

2009.04.08 Balka [D0S-]