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The Easter Bunny and its Nifty Carrots

The Easter Bunny and its Nifty Carrots
Sunday April 4th, 2010

Throughout the weekend the Easter Bunny was sighted in the lands of Sosaria. It appeared to be afraid of most of the citizens and dropped many carrots while running away from the hordes of citizens wanting to pet the cute fuzzy white bunny rabbit.

The fair grounds were swarmed with citizens wanting to see the little bunny rabbit up close. As a gift the little Easter goblins rabbits have been busy making everyone Easter baskets. Word is "Mysterious Easter Bunny Gift Generator" have been placed throughout the land to receive these baskets. An extra bonus is being added to these machines and they will not be available for about a day (next client patch, so the gifts can be hued to pretty colors).

While EM Cyno Razik kept the excited mob of citizens busy the Easter Bunny scurried off to the south placing carrots for the masses. As soon as we were told where the carrots were a swarm of citizens rushed to the southern portion of the bag ball arena. Many citizens were trampled in the race, thankfully none of the citizens were mortally injured in the stampede.

We were sent to the ends of Sosaria in search of the carrots the cute fuzzy white rabbit dropped carrots for excited citizens.
The yew gate was swarmed with what seemed to be thousands of people. A handful of the citizens were attacked while searching for the carrots, some were not very lucky.

Huge crowds surrounded EM Cyno Razik trying to anticipate his next step. While attempting to open gates to locations the Easter Bunny was hopping about a few lewd players took advantage of the chaotic mob gathering.

Mesanna came to give us a special treat while we waited for the Easter bunny to set up the final location. Working hard for nearly an hour to accommodate the newly created characters and cross sharders Mesanna clicking finger gave out and she had to leave.

I remember last year I waited in line and as I got to the front of it the Easter bunny stopped passing out its special eggs (reference: http://oev.hilands.com/events-easter.html). I thought it was because of my bad karma I brought upon myself killing others while filling my Easter basket with a plentiful amount of eggs. This year I was on good behavior and decided not to attack anyone hunting for the bountiful carrots.

Unfortunately many of the players that waited did not receive a special dyed pie. I must say it is not the fault of the EM's but that of the pixel crack addicted players hogging the pixel crack all to themselves by switching to a different character and creating new characters taking the EM's time. Your actions in game can create or destroy a community. If everyone in game was a jerk there would be no one to play with. I'm not saying you have to bend over backwards to help others just be courteous to others, especially to the overwhelmed EM's.

Also the pvp land in Ultima Online is spelled F-E-L-U-C-C-A it only has ONE "L" in it. If you want to whine to the EM's about having more events in F-E-L-U-C-C-A and talk smack about bluebie nub trammelites getting owned in F-E-L-U-C-C-A learn how to spell it for ***** sake!



Both of the "Mysterious Easter Bunny Gift Generator" have been spotted.
The orange colored generator is located in Felucca. I have withheld the location to impede the plans of players preparing to slaughter those who find it. If any non pvp type would like assistance getting to the Felucca generator please let me know I would be more than happy to assist.
The other located is located in Ilshenar North of the Spirituality moongate. The coordinates are 50o 14'n 8o 55'w.

These machines will be available after the next server publish until server down.