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Evidence Against Our King!

In recent adventures Omo Trovi discovered Casca had been working with the Agents of Corruption. Casca found out and declared Omo a traitor, wanted posters appeared throughout the lands. The Mysterious Stranger lead attacks resulting in the destruction of three bases controlled by Agents of Corruption. The Tokuno Treasury was saved by fighting off the forces of the Agents of Corruption. Many damaged maps were recovered from the slain creatures while the secret entrance of the Tokuno Treasury was protected.

Omo Trovi praised the citizens for their heroic deeds defeating the three warlords of the bases controlled by the Agents of Corruption. Vzar Lire, Grazu Lire, and Raum Fleus were all defeated by the fine citizens of Sosaria. Our "mission" was to check the bases of the fallen warlords in search of evidence that links them to Lord Casca. Omo decides to lead the citizens to scour the fallen bases.

First we ventured to the base formerly controlled by Vzar Lire which was deep inside the dungeon Wrong (122o 52'n, 50o 33' e). As we entered the dungeon we were greeting by a force that had been growing since our last encounter. A powerful group of Ancient Liches, Undead Minions, Ratmen and Minotaurs were ready to destroy us as we entered the dungeon. Nearly being pushed completely out of the dungeon Noble Paladins came to assist the citizens of Sosaria. Pushing to the second level of Wrong, hero's of the realm trampled over Hydras, Balrons and the Evil Mages who dwell in the depths of the dungeon. We made our way north through the entrance of level two to the red grave stone which marks the entrance of the first base of the Agents of Corruption. To enter one must speak the words Alpha Omega to pass into the base. Inside this chamber Yamandon's and Hydra's slowed our groups progression.

Inside the deceased commander's office in plain view, we saw bags from the Royal Tokuno Treasury. In the south west corner of the room we found a chest with four items inside. Two scrolls that read,
'A Letter From Casca To Vzar Lire "The Leaders have Called For A Meeting.',
'A Quick Scrawled Note By Vzar Lire "Meeting On 8/2/09, Cannot Miss."',
A Journal with a notable last entry,
'Journal Of Vzar Lire, Last Entry "Damn Casca! He Thinks He's The Leader But He Is Not!"'
One other item lay in the chest 'Pigeon Carrier Container Labelled "Casca"'

Though the evidence was quite damaging against Casca, we decided to hunt for more. Our next crawl lead us into the Orc Dugeon located in the forest, east of the city of Yew (16o 41'n, 21o 43'w). The citizens pushed quickly through the massive groups of orcs until we reached the third level. The third level is normally guarded by one Orc Brute, this time it seemed as if thousands awaited us. After pushing our way through we were almost to the location we had met "Grazu Lire", a small force of Hydra's kept our attention for a short period.

East of the forge near some aging mining equipment, lay a note and a journal. The note read,
'A Badly Burned Note "Meet...montor...8/2/09"'
and the journal read,
'Badly Burned Journal Of Grazu Lire:"My Brother Slain!...Casca...Venegance!"'

Onward to the island of Isamu-Jima, we exited the moongate and proceeded to the location we met "Raum Fleus". Venturing into the forest to the East, passing many Gaman's and a couple of Oni's, we came upon a small cottage located at the basin of Mount Sho (74o 31'n, 6o 7'w). The light forces guarding this cottage were quickly brought to a calm, as we searched the cottage we discovered more evidence on the third floor!

In plain view a scroll read,
'A Torn Letter "...Lords Not Happy, Lire's Failures Will Result In Delays, Tokuno..."
and a book which read,
'A Book Dropped In Apparent Haste "Meeting At Montor On 8/2/09 -Casca" Is Scrawled On Page.'

The citizens still thirsty for blood decided to see what lay ahead. We ventured to the ruined city of Montor. We went to the Chaos Moongate in Ilshenar and carved a path of carnage throughout the city. Paragon creatures appeared almost everywhere. Yamandon's stood along side of Quagmire, Balrons and Succubi.
The streets covered with a shallow stream of blood had finally brought us to the meeting location. A book lay on the table which read,
"...This Is The Best Location For The Meeting. Nobody In Their Right Mind Would Come Here..."
A chest with what would be the most damning evidence against Casca lay in it. A ring with etching on it that read "Casca Royal Signet Ring"

Had all this evidence been planted for a coup d'etat against our Lord? Is our Lord really aligned with the Agents of Corruption and the Shadow Lords? Warriors and inquisitive minds are requested to meet at the Counselor's Hall in the city of Britain to find out this Sunday, 8/2/09! Omo Trovi has asked us to meet there before going to the Chaos gate to catch Lord Casca red handed. Omo Trovi has also asked the "heroic insane" to not venture ahead to Montor without the group as we do not want to alert the eminent evil of our arrival.