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Luna Invasion

(August 4-9, 2009)

The initial attacks in Luna came just days after the failed meeting between Casca, The ShadowLords and Agents of Corruption. Omo Trovi warned us of the coming events, the desperation shown by Casca is now apparent. The intial waves of Hydras, Balrons, Fetid Essences, and Devourer of Souls took the towns people by surprise. Blackrock Elementals were the most difficult to destroy, many players did not realize the life leaching powers that fed these creatures. When a massive force of townsmen attacked the beasts at half health they become ferocious and nearly destroy any player near them with one blow. These Blackrock Elementals feed off the corpses of those they kill at half health they easily replenished their energy from the corpses that lay beneath them.

The guards tried to hold their ground at the inner Luna walls. The Minotaurs were not as strong as the Blackrock Elementals, though the devastation they created was nearly as menacing. Only the strongest paragon Minotaurs were sent against the town. The healers had to work very hard to keep the wounded warriors healed.

A platoon of Devourer of Souls marched the streets attacking anything that stood in their path to the heart of the Paladin city. Balron Generals and Ancient Wyrms followed in their footsteps. The invading hordes division was lead by ShadowLord (Manifestation) Generals.

Massive Invasion
(August 9, 2009)

Word had sprung that a massive invasion was due to occur. Omo gathered the warriors of Sosaria at the bag ball field just south of the Paladin City Luna. Our mission was simple, save the City of Luna from total destruction. Before we could save the city we had to pay a visit to the Shrine of Sacrifice where assistance was waiting.

At the Shrine of Sacrifice we found the Legendary Dawn, surprised by our arrival we told her of the forseen attack. Dawn barely had enough time to digest the news when out of no where a Platinum Dragon appeared. The Platinum Dragon spoke in a bellowing voice, and had told us he, or she, was here to help us fight for our lands against the greatest evil we were about to face. It was later that we discovered we had placed our faith in the Platinum Dragon Fayaxion. In the passed Fayaxion stood their ground against Crimson Dragons and Casca himself. Platinum Dragons were first seen during the earliest sightings of the Agents of Corruption.

A gate was opened to the center of the city. A small but powerful gathering of enemy forces initiated the battle. Our forces were able to slaughter the opposing generals which included Balrons, Ancient Wyrms and ShadowLord Manifestations.

The entire city became a battle ground. The rush of enemies pushed us back into the walls of stone which felt like feathered pillows compared to our attackers. The healers did a great job keeping the warriors in battle. Many appeared dead but our ability to harness the power of magics kept our fighters raging. Every corner, every alleyway, every path became part of the battle. The forces of Sosaria along-side Lady Dawn and the Platinum Dragon pushed the enemy to the outer southern gates of Luna.

The Commander of the ShadowLords was spotted south of the city walls. The waves of destructive forces scattered our troops. After clearing most of the Commanders minions our forces swarmed the ShadowLord Commander. It appeared as if the hells below the Commander were opening at our feet. Lighting came rushing out reaching up into the heavens destroying the weakest who tried to stand their ground.

Dawn talked briefly to us after we defeated the ShadowLord Commander. Those who survived were praised for their valiant efforts fighting the evil that stood before us. Dawn Proclaimed this day was her proudest while fighting along-side of the fine citizens of Sosaria.

We gathered at the reward hall and were told a special item would be given to those who fought in today's battle. A massive line formed from the front of the reward hall to the edge of the crumbling content. Some of the anxious pushed others in the line out of the way, causing breaks in the formation causing mild chaos. Eventually all who showed up were given one of these robes. As the line faded more citizens appeared for a free robe, but were turned down as they were not waiting patiently like the others. For those who did not notice Fayaxion, in human form, was the one who assisted Dawn while passing out the gifts.

I must say the EM's of pacific did a great job forming the line and banning players from the reward hall after items were received. They were extremely lenient handing out gifts even to young players who did not attend the main battle. I saw very few complaints from the populous.

The reward item was a "Cloak of Silence" which gives the wearer a bonus of +10 to their stealth skill!

Both Dawn and Fayaxion praised us for our efforts. I saw no sign of Casca during the invasion. It is uncertain what his next plans will be, perhaps we will see more of the Crimson Dragons in the near future. Rumors have started that these green Cloaks of Silence will be available again in the future.

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