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Mysterious Stranger
Appearance of the Mysterious Stranger
Out of the shadows the Mysterious Stranger appeared. The stranger summoned us to warn us of "great danger arising". Agents of darkness were gathering and recruiting members for their army. Plans were being passed throughout the agents with some type of Code!

The Mysterious Stranger was able to retrieve one of the books and showed those who assembled to protect the land of Sosaria what he had found.

He told us that two types of "Agents of Corruption" have been crawling in the depths of the anti-virtue dungeons. Warning us of a mass gathering of the agents in the dungeon of Wrong and we will most likely require a large fighting force. We were then ordered to kill the Agents of Corruption and bring the coded books back to the Mysterious Stranger.

Agent of Corruption
We scoured the depths of the dungeons and came across the two types of agents. One appeared to be a "Shadow Wyrm" and the other a "Valorite Elemental".

Each dungeon had at least one of each of the two types of agents. All of the dungeons, aside wrong, had agents dwelling at the bottom depths of the dungeons. The forces that assembled at the Counselor's Guild quickly destroyed these "Agents of Corruption".

Giving the Stranger the coded books
Books appeared on each of the corpses. Every book had a unique code in it. The Mysterious Stranger asked the brave warriors to hand him the books we found on the deceased agents. All individuals who handed him books were thanked.

The Mysterious Stranger wanted the books so he could decrypt the secret codes they held. Decrypting these books may be our best bet in foiling the plans of these evil beings.

A Warning
Before the stranger left he warned us that more of these "Agents of Corruption" may appear in the near future

It is still unknown who these agents are working for, whether it be the Crimson Dragons, Shadowlords, Melissa or some secret plan the new ruler Casca has in store for Sosaria. A better question might be who is this Mysterious Stranger and who does he work for?

Perhaps the secret to the plans of evil may be the burden Sherry the Mouse carries.

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