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A Mysterious Substance

Monday September 6th, 2010

Alexander Valthos gathered us again to uncover a vile plot related to the ooze discovered in our recent adventures. Alexander recruited an alchemist named Aganon to conduct research on this slimy snot like substance. Neither the messenger dispatched by Alexander or Aganon have sent word of the progress on the research of the substance. We were gathered tonight to locate Aganon or the messenger to determine the progress of research on the substance.

Aganon was conducting research in a tower near the Meer city in Ilshenar. Heading north from the Sacrifice moongate, we quickly ran into hordes of the slime ridden creatures seen in our previous expeditions. Amongst the carnage we found ripped pages from Aganon's research book. Clearly, there is no doubt foul play is afoot. A total of six pages discovered were discovered by our party, four of which are noted below :

*a Ripped Page* Control The Host. The Host Responds to Commands Issue By - (37°0'N 14°45'W)
*a Ripped Page* - Substance Itself Is A Plant-Like Entity, Feeding Off The Host. When -(42°11'N 15°19'W)
*a Ripped Page* -The Carrier. The Carrier Can Then Seemingly Direct The Hosts To His Will. The-(38°35'N 12°39'W)
*A Ripped Page* -Confirmed After Significant Experimentation In The Sorcerer's Dungeon.(44°1'N 12°39'W)

Upon discovering the page about the experimentation's in the Sorcerer's Dungeon our group hastily left to the valor moongate in Ilshenar.

Heading south from the moongate we came to the entrance of the Sorcerer's Dungeon dungeon, infected bile wyrms guarded the entrance. Clearing the entrance we found a miner by the name of "Joe Bob". The miner warned us of vile creatures that await us inside, he stated that he was able to escape but his fellow miners may need assistance in the depths of the dungeon.

Entering the dungeon we could see the paths the slime ridden creatures left. An unknown mucus colored substance lay on the ground before us.

Sloshing our way the the slimed demons we trekked through the levels of the dungeon. Upon entering the second floor we were greeted by oozing slime and monstrous giant "nasal cavity mucus" like creatures. Barely holding the entrance to the second floor our weapons and armor covered with slime our forces fought valiantly pushing forward through the dungeon.

Foot by foot we battled the hordes of demons that guarded the captive miners. The miners felt sick and weary, even being freed, the bile tastes from the snot like substance that dangled from the phlegm ridden creatures left a lasting memory of the horrors they had seen.

Upon entering the third floor we found two prisoners, one chained a torturous platform and another locked behind prison doors. The doors baring the prisoner were locked by a technology first seen when controllers and golems were spotted in Sosaria. Upon opening the lock, the prisoner behind the bars focused our attention to the chained prisoner to the east of us.

Rushing to the platform, our forces were flung to the opposite sides of the room by a huge explosion that seared all in the lair we stood in. Winged creatures and humanoids appear to have taken the force of the blast. The prisoner chained to the platform lay dead at our feet.

In the center of a large bloody pentagram a green orcish figure appeared out of thin air. The orcish creature went only by "The Masquerade". Speaking with an arrogant cockiness "The Masquerade" told us he had plans for all of us and we would all die slow deaths. We were told Aganon was dead and were lead to believe the Masquerade created this slimy substance. He stated "Hardly little mindless things that my potion worked miracles on!". More of this substance is being produces and plans to spread it to all living creatures are soon to come.

Regrouping at the counselors hall in the city of Britain, Alexander told us that the research of this substance will continue. Alexander is quite skeptical that the alchemist Aganon is truly deceased, and further investigations should prove the tales from "The Masquerade" to be fraudulent.

Commander Daeryn Whyte stormed into hall, bolstering allegations that Alexander was involved in suspicious activities! A verbal onslaught continued between the two of them for quite some time and ended when Commander Daeryn Whyte left as abruptly as she had appeared.

Those who looted corpses had a chance at finding a bottle labeled "A Vial Of A Mysterious Substance". Ten of these vials were available for loot, it is uncertain how many were looted.

EM Kaz apologized for the "rez killing monks". An unanimous vote between the EM's and valiant warriors showed that the rez kill nickname belongs to EM Cyno.