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Ratman Relic

Ratman Relic
Tuesday September 9th, 2010

Commander Daeryn Whyte started by explaining her actions at the end of the Mysterious Substance quest lead by Alexander Valthos. She told us that she suspected he was up to a devious plot, possibly to overthrow the reign of Queen Dawn. She asked us to keep an eye on Alexander and pay attention to any actions of say gathering weapons or fomenting a rebellion against our Queen.
Our mission tonight was to obtain a Ratman Shaman Relic. Our source, a ratman by the name of Ekiuki, stated that the world would be in great danger if the evil ratman faction was able to obtain such a relic. Our insider led us to the Sanctuary dungeon west of Britain.

Our forces scrambled to get to the lower level of Sanctuary where the Ratman Shaman was last spotted. In a rush to enter the battle many fell prey to the deadly spike traps in the rat's nest we now trek through.

Our orders were clear Commander Daeryn Whyte wanted us to find the Ratman Shaman or clues to where he may have fled to. The dark cavern was full of ratman who claimed to be part of the Clan "Scratch".

Battling our way we were able to find evidence that the Ratman Shaman had in-fact been in this lair. We were able to discover an"odd ratman object" 135 26n 6 28w, a "Lost Ratman Shaman Staff" 132 37n 6 7w, and a "Very crude map from Sanctuary to ice dungeon" 130 46n 4 25w.

The crude map discovered, lead us to the Ice Dungeon. Scouring the grounds we headed to the ratman fort on the lower level. Clan Scratch had amassed a large group of their forces in this area. Pushing our way through the front gates many Clan leaders were pulverized by our group as we thwarted the onslaught deeper into the fort. The Ratman Shaman bolstered through the fort gates and started to attack.

An awesome battle occurred and with his last breath, the Ratman Shaman let loose a powerful magic spell setting half the fort area a blaze. Sifting through the ashes the relic was discovered. The relic now in the possession of Commander Daeryn Whyte we made our way back to the guard post in Castle British.

With the relic safe in hand, Commander Daeryn Whyte placed the relic in a metal chest. The true power of this item is still not known.

The event item for this evening was a "Ruby-Encrusted Ratman Wand". Ten lucky participants were able to loot the item from corpses that lay at their feet.