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Savage Crisis

(January 24th, 2010)
Savage Crisis

Omo had asked us to meet him at the healers hut west of Delucia. After the initial attack on Delucia last week Omo Trovi recruited a researcher by the name of Yurelius. The task at hand was to discover the signifigance of the Orb and Book which was found during our last battle.

The ancient book had been written many moons ago and was scribed in an old dialect. Yurelius believed that the old orc fort between the cities of Britain and Vesper may hold some clues.

We were off to the city of Cove which is situated due north of the orc fort. As we arrived at the gates of the orc fort we were greeted by an onslaught of Savage Paragons. The Savages chased and mauled those of us who attempted to flee from the battle. After what seemed to be hours of fighting the savages lay dead at our feet in pools of bloodied mud. I assume some clue was found as we headed back to speak with Yurelius.

In the excitement it was difficult to understand what was being said. Yurelius spoke of a key that was required to unlock the orb. We were told to head to the Savage Camp in central Ilshenar which is near the Meer Tomb and Blackthorns Castle.

From the Compassion moongate Omo lead the charge, in what appeared to be a blitzkrieg, to the center of the Savage Camp. The forces were too strong we pulled back and continued to fight near the entrance of central Ilshenar. After sloshing our way through hordes of Savages and Savage Ridgeback Riders we came upon the Savage Sub-Leader Margazr whose title read "(Guardian)". Margazr fought off the droves attacking him with a powerful magic but our forces were too many. Poisoned and bloodied the mighty Morkeleb, a dragon controlled by an Elf named Joy, tore the Savage Margazr to shreds pulling limbs from sockets leaving a bloodied and battered mess of what appeared to be a humanoids guts and entrails in the grasses.

A bag full of "Magically Enhanced" reagents was recovered from the battle. Perhaps Yurelius will be able to make something of the interesting magics that possess the reagents.

Two more pieces of what appears to be an armor set dropped tonight. The items were a head piece labeled "Savage Sub-Leader Deermask" and bone arm protection labeled "Savage Scout Leader Arms".

Stay tuned this weekend as the atrocious Savages plans unfold!