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Savage Crisis Peace Offering

(February 6th, 2010)

"The greatest harm can result from the best intentions." - Terry Goodkind
Our goal tonight was to bring peace between the citizens of Sosaria and the Savages. The bloody savage war was brought to an end when Zevoz the savage leader was killed. Zevoz was an unfortunate pawn possessed by the Nexus Spirit, we are uncertain the fate of this powerful spirit. Our quest tonight starts at Delucia healer's hut and will take us to a large savage fortress in central Ilshenar. A peace offering will be given by Omo Trovi, we have been asked to wear savage kin paint to avoid further conflict.

Arriving at the center of the savage fort we were stunned to see who stood before us, it was Zevoz the savage leader. How was this possible we stood over his corpse at the end of our last encounter. It was clear the bond of possession between the savage warrior and the Nexus Spirt was not broken.
Still shocked that Zevoz stood among us most of what was said became a blur, Zevoz mentioned about an old friend of Omo's named Tragar. Zevoz told us we would be introduced to Tragar and his "friends" as he vanished into thin air. Zevoz laughed maniacally the trap set for us had now been sprung.

A demonic and undead horde stood infront of us. Tragr the one-fisted lead the fight with Zio the Mind-eater and Zuy the Flesh Carver at his side. The initial attack took its toll on our troops, we soon regrouped at the gates of the savage fort. Zio and Zuy chased many a man down while Tragr used his dark powers to summon beasts from the swamp beneath his feet. The blood of the demonic leaders felt like acidic waste under our feet as we tore into their flesh. Many Britannians were mortally wounded in the battle as the giant Tragr trampled them under his feet. Our forces were able to separate the leaders and destroy them one at a time.

Barely making it out of the trap alive we rushed back to the healers hut in Delucia only to find that Yurelius the researcher was missing. The trap was an elaborate plot to capture Yurelius. Omo spotted a trail of blood leading to the South. At the southern gates of the city we discovered a collapsed moongate.

There were two guards overlooking the area they must have seen what had happened. The babbling nobles appeared uneducated and idiotic with their speech. After talking to the guards it was apparent Zevoz, still controlled by the Nexus Spirit, had taken Yurelius and escaped from this location.

Returning to the Counselor's Hall Omo had a confession to make. The blackened and twisted demonic hand discovered in Delucia weeks ago belonged to Tragr. Tragr used to be a human before he mingled with the dark arts of the necromancy. We must figure out why Yurelius was taken and figure out what the Nexus Spirit has in store for us.