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Savage Crisis War!

Savage Crisis War!
(January 31st, 2010)

After being greeted by Omo Trovi news quickly shifted towards Yurelius the researcher. A discovery was found, the key to the puzzle of the orb was now known. The true power of the orb only showed itself at the location of its creation. Yurelius found it was created at the Ancient Citadel in Ilshenar which is where it await us.
Our march towards the Ancient Citadel would start outside the compassion moongate in Ilshenar.

The Ancient Citadel is located on an island east of the compassion moongate joined to its larger land masses by two bridges. As the island was visible through the eyes of a spyglass we could see a large gathering of the heinous beasts that lay ahead. Setting foot on the third floor of the Ancient Citadel would not be an easy task. Magical spells were being cast in hordes as blades and arrows were immersed in blood of our enemies. The warriors of Britain fought valiantly to gain hold of the entrance to the Citadel. The execrable stench of dead liches and rotting corpses made me vomit as we fought our way to the third floor, where the orb emersed in energy await us.

We held the stairway to the third floor with magical fields, as enemy reinforcements made way to our position they were slaughtered. While some of us held our ground others chanted the words "In Vas Ex Kal Por" entering a rift controlled by the orbs awesome power. As the first brave adventurers entered, the power of the orb continued to violently vibrate at our feet as if the entire world would soon be sucked into it.

As we came out of the orbs rift we found ourselves in the Ankh room hidden beneath the mountains of Ilshenar. Standing there awaiting us was a man named Veritas Experior. The hooded man stared at us as the plethora of bodies entered the hidden chamber. Veritas asked us if we were ready to stand against a test of our virtuous faith. We were asked to protect the damnation that had engulfed the shrines in Felucca, upon the cleansing of the shrines a chest with information would be revealed. Veritas could see the fear in the eyes of some of the adventures. Whether it was to inspire us or to weed out those who could not face their fears, a snide comment about "trammies" was said. Those who were prepared made their way to the shrines.

I must say being the first to arrive at a shrine was probably not the best idea. Those of us who recalled directly to the shrines were greeted by a mob of flesh tearing Balrons, Ancient Liches and Defilers. The defilers stood two stories tall with mutilated flesh dangling from their mouths. The flesh appeared to be the meat of rotten cows, goats, and other various creatures that were sacrificed to summon them. Dripping in the blood of fresh meat the defilers attacked the adventurers with relentless claws and magic. Their claws were the size of short wakizashis but felt like large viking swords when they tore through your armor. Energy vortexes, loyal pets, and warriors were able to tear through the flesh of these demonic beasts. While the beasts carcasses poured blood over the land the air became thick with a bloody red mist moving stagnantly through the air.

A cult calling themselves the "Super Best Friends" who pledge allegiance to the witch Minax caught wind of the battles. After a short period of time perhaps five minutes or so the cult started appearing at the shrines in large war parties. It appeared as though the cult members were mindless zombies unable to tell the difference between the demonic creatures and the humanoids sworn to protect the shrines. The cult zombies started attacking everything in site women included! The spirits of slain men and women fought to regain control of their bodies, the cult members repeatedly beat the naked and unarmed men and women as they clutched to their remains. Perhaps these cult zombies thought they could eat the souls of those they destroyed and gain some type of magical power as seen in many savage tribes. Some of us stood our ground and chased members of the Super Best Friends off, only to be lynched by hordes of at least ten of them at a time. With such a short notice the chaotic aligned cult was unable to stop our primary goal of defeating the demons that lay siege to shrines.

An abundance of chatter flowed through the *winds (*EM Event Chat room) as the last shrine was declared clear. Many comments detesting the cult of Super Best Friends could be heard. One young lass stated, "yes I just loved getting killed by the reds," reds is a popular term coined to those who are labeled murderers in the land. Another man stated "Holy SUPR hacks much?" it is unclear if he believed the hacking and slashing of the trammies was some type of "holy" cult ritual.

The parchments recovered from the shrines were inscribed with the following :
"There Are Those Who Seek The Dark Path."
"There Are Those Who Seek Immortality"
"This One Seeks Complete Control Of All Shards"
"The Flesh Is Weak But The Spirit Is Strong"
"There Is A Nexus Where Everything Comes Together"
"The Seeker Will Die But His Spirit Will Rise Again And Again"
"To Defeat the Nexus Spirit, You Need Otherworldly Help"
"The Nexus Spirit Must Be Stopped"

After mentioning the Nexus Spirit to Yurelius he started to shake in fear. He instructed us to say those words, "Nexus Spirit", to the Orb. Unsure what the orb would do he wished us luck. We fought our way through the Ancient Citadel once again and were teleported to the high mountains of Ilshenar.

A savage sub-leader Zevoz awaited us and a battle ensued. I noticed a dark figure standing high on the mountain top, if my eyes did not deceive me the dark figure was Mesanna. Pet dragons began attacking Zevoz, the warriors who survived the "shrine cleansing" followed the dragons lead.

Dragon and man crumbled in front of the awesome force the savage warrior, Zevoz, dealt. Surrounded and out numbered, Zevoz's awesome power was about to be seen by all who stood against him. A rumble came from the mountain top as flames flew from the feet of the savage warrior. It was clear that this was no ordinary savage humanoid. The noise of the battle could be heard in all of Ilshenar, the world seemed to stand still as an eerie silence could be felt. The spirits of the dead, both beast and man could be felt around us, the amount of wounded would be many. Surrounded and out numbered, Zevoz was taking a beating. The flames and energy that protected Zevoz dissipated into the thin mountain air as the battered and bloodied savage collapsed to the ground. After regrouping we went back to the counselors hall.

Omo stood to address everyone in his battered ringmail armor. It was now clear to us the savage warrior, Zevoz, was merely a pawn possessed by the Nexus Spirit. Today, we have only destroyed the vessel that the Nexus Spirt controlled. The Nexus Spirt was using the savages to search for something in Delucia, what it was is still unclear. We were able to recover a "Glowing Source of Dense Information," it is believed to be tied to our prior experimentations with blackrock. The war with the savages appears to be over, and Omo Trovi wishes to make some type of peace offering between the citizens of Sosaria and the savages. It is time for us to rest while Yurelius looks into the recovered Glowing Source....

In the words of Veritas Experior, the "trammies" brave enough to fight in Felucca were rewarded with talismans labeled "Defender Of The Virtues." What a true honor it is to wear this talisman. Do not be fooled though, some of these talismans may have been stolen from murderers in the land.

A guest appearance of Cyno was made shortly after Omo left. We were told of future plans regarding player ran towns. A town hall should be held on pacific soon and your input will be welcome on how our shard handles such towns. We will be using the models from other shards in this multi-verse that have already begun development within their communities!