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Vanguard Controllers

The Vanguard controllers are attacking towns.
Primarily Cove.
On the Pacific Shard they are also attacking N'ujelm and Papua.

The initial spawn is the Vanguard Controller Followed by a spawn of red creatures : nightmares, shadow iron elementals, dire wolves, liches, dark wisps, Daemons, Lich Lords, Zombies, Brigands and Restless Souls.
*Shadow Iron Elementals cannot be damaged by pets.

The Vanguard Controllers ride a horse called a "Dread Warhorse". The Dread Warhorses take 3 control slots and are compared to nightmares like dragons are compared to greater dragons.

Rumors tell us that the Vanguard Controllers are suseptable to Power, Vanquishing, and Mystic Weapons.

Speech :
Bellum letale
Beware, I live...

Loot :
Chaos Shield
Obsidian Blade (not verified)

Spawn Time
The Vanguard Spawn time is set based on the UO time. At Midnight UO time the vanguards spawn.

I'm unsure of the UO time schedule. It used to be every 2 hours of real life time was 24 hours in game time.

Lyconis - 2008-06-14

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