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Spring Cleaning 2008
Spring cleaning comes in three phases. Each phase allowing more turn-ins and more items.

Item turn in has been disabled as of 2008.09.09 on Origin and 2008.09.10 on the rest of the production shards. Publish 55 has disabled the ability to turn items in but not receive rewards

Yonns accepts: Grobu's Fur, Minor Artifacts, Major Artifacts, Powerscrolls, Treasure Maps, SOS and MIBs,
Special and Fabled Fishing Nets, Holiday Items, Gifts & Halloween Items, SOS Pre-Chest Loot,
Stealable Artifacts, Colored Eggs

Buford accepts : Golden & Champion Skulls, Moonstones, Dailies and Crate Rares, Bags of Sending,
Recipes, Parrots, ID & Glacial Staffs, Power Crystals, Clockwork Assemblies, Talismans, Origami, Peerless Boss rewards,
Hag Quest Rewards, Orcish Kin Masks, Tribal Rewards, Paragon Chests, Music Gear, Plague Beast Core
5 21s 9 29 e

Calaid accepts: Ophidian rations, Slippery snake skins
0 42 n 6 11 e

Onoe accepts: Cursed artifacts, Magincia rubble, Planeswords, Planeshields, Staff of Pyros, Vorpal Blades, Magical Weapons,
Magical Ophidian weapons, Berserker's Skythe, Ophidian Berserker's Bardiche, and Invalis's Burchete

Makiko accepts: Ophidian journals, Ophidian orders
30 45 n 45 59 w

The item list is quite large and is being added to our item database.
For now I recommend viewing the list at UOGuide.com