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Pet Summon Battle Arena

(September 4, 2009)

Larson of Quintessence Elements [Q*E] hosted a "Battle of the Summons" in his new arena south of the dungeon Wrong. The event was held exclusivly to the RP Alliance. The rules were quite simple each opponent pitted in the tournament could summon a total of three Summoned Creatures. Participants could only summon one creature at a time and these creatures would fight in a duel to the death. Participants could not heal their summoned pets.

This battle consisted of pure luck. The strongest opponents were Giant Serpents, Grizzly Bears, Polar Bears, Scorpions and believe it or not Horses!
Single elimination rounds were held until the top opponents battled it out. Lady Luna Rosa was crowned the victor as her summoned pets destroyed her opponents. As a reward for first place Luna received a magical item we call a "Boomstick"

Many thanks for the invitaiton of this simple reporter, and our thanks go out to Larons of Quintessence Elements for hosting an entertaining event.