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(June 26, 2010)

We were greeted by Omo Trovi at the Counselors hall in Britain. He is still in recovery from his recent ordeals and is in no shape to adventure with the citizens of Sosaria. While in recover he met an orc named Varbzka who is infatuated with a PIXIE! Could you imagine the offspring that would be created from an orc and a Pixie! Omo briefed us on the story of love this orc had for the pixie. He also requested that we seek Varbzka out to hear his story.

We went to the Orc Caves between Despise and Yew and found Varbzka on guard duty watching the entrance of the orc cavern.
He spoke of a fairy named Laral'ei that he thinks is very pretty. When Varbzka tried to talk to her she would light him on fire! He asked for our assistance to find out why she continually lights him on fire. Varbzka said the fairy of his dreams could be found at a waterfall near Justice Island.

We arrived at the waterfall near Justice Island and met the pixie Laral'ei. She told us that she has been burning Varbzka to help him remove his foul odor!
Having a rather distasteful feeling towards stinky orcs, she has been choosing to keep him away. After chatting with Laral'ei we discovered she collects truly rare forms of nightshade. If Varbzka could gather the nightshade, she desired for her collection, she may listen to him when he speaks again.

This of course was delightful news, we rushed back to the orc cavern to tell Varbzka what we had found out.
Varbzka said he was a fraidy pug and could not retrieve the nightshade specimens on his own. Being the kind folk we are, we decided to help him with his quest so he could speak to his true lub without being set on fire.

We first ventured to the Yew Crypts to find a specimen of Rotting Nightshade. Venturing deep into the crypts we found a horrific group of monsters. Eventually arriving in the southern portion of the crypts we found the Rotting Nightshade specimen. Varbzka eagerly grabbed the nightshade and told us the next location to find more of the rare ingredient.

We arrived at the top forgotten pyramid, where upon entering we encountered a huge force of demonic creatures. After slashing our way through the pyramid our party reached the bottom level where some Dessicated Nightshade lay on the ground. After barely escaping the onslaught we were off to our next location, a small volcanic island "in de ninja place".

We battled the demonic horde of fire beasts that were drawn to the island. Slashing our way to the lower tip of the volcano Orion discovered a piece of Seething Nightshade wedged in a crevasse of the mountainside.

Our next stop was the hedge maze to find our final specimen, the Cultivated Nightshade. Many of the adventurers lost there bindings while trying to find the hedge maze. When we first arrived we didn't notice much besides the common demons and imps roaming about. Upon entering the central hedge maze we found a plethora of abscess and other vile creatures.
Fighting our way to the basement in the center land mass of the hedge maze, we made the discovery we were after. Laying on a table surrounded by horrific spiders we found the Cultivated Nightshade our orc companion sought.

With all of the nightshade specimens collected we made our way back to the waterfall. Varbzka cowered behind a tree while our group approached the pixie. With a little bit of coaxing Varbzka walked towards the pixie Laral'ei.

Both orc and pixie started a conversation and apparently Varbzka has proven his worth! Laral'ei even told the orc he could come back. There was one condition if the orc wished to see the pixie again, he must bathe before visiting!

To thank us Varbzka told us of a secret treasure he was responsible for guarding. We were sworn to secrecy, if his commanding orc chieftain found out he would be table scraps for sure. After swearing secrecy he told us of an item he "obtained" from a "big bad orc" and we could have it.

We were told to find a stump on the second level of the orc dungeon, where we would find Varbzka's treasure. We made our way to the second level of the dungeon and found a monstrous orc near the tree stump. Behind the orc resting on the stump was a green statue that appeared to be glowing with magical energy.

Upon touching the statue a pair of green sandals would appear in your backpack. The orcs call these sandals "Majik flippers".
If you equip the Majik flippers you will turn you into an ORC!