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History :: Virtues
Through the guidance of the Time Lord, Lord british introduced the virtues They believed the adoption of the virtues would unite all of the shards.
Three basic Principles. Courge, Love and Truth. Three keeps for these The Empath Abbey protects the flame of love, The Lycaeum holds the research of truth, and serpent's hold holds courage.

"nonjudgmental empathy for one's fellow creatures"
Town : Britain
Companion : Iolo
Class : Bard
Dungeon : Despise
Anti-Class : Brigand
Anti-Virtue : Despise
Mantra : Mu
Color : Yellow
Derived From : Love
"scrupulous respect for truth - the willingness never to deceive oneself or another."
Town : Moonglow
Companion : Mariah
Class : Mage
Dungeon : Deceit
Anti-Class : Daemon
Anti-Virtue : Deceit
Mantra : Ahm
Color : Blue
Derived From : Truth
"The courage to defend and uphold the truth."
Town : Trinsic
Companion : Dupre
Class : Paladin
Dungeon : Shame
Anti-Class : Gargoyles
Anti-Virtue : Shame
Mantra : Summ
Color : Purple
Derived From : Truth / Courage
"Perceiving one's place in the world, not according to one's own accomplishments, but according to the intrinsic value of all individuals."
Town : Magincia
Companion : Katrina
Class : Shephard
Dungeon : None
Anti-Class : Noble
Anti-Virtue : Pride
Mantra : Lum
Color : Black
Derived From : None
"the devotion to truth, tempered by love."
Town : Yew
Companion : Jaana
Class : Druid
Dungeon : Wrong
Anti-Class : Goblin
Anti-Virtue : Wrong
Mantra : Beh
Color : Green
Derived From : Truth / Love
"The courage to give of oneself in the name of love."
Town : Minoc
Companion : Julia
Class : Tinker
Dungeon : Covetous
Anti-Class : N/A
Anti-Virtue : Greed
Mantra : Cah
Color : Orange
Derived From : Love / Courage
"Spirituality is the concern with one's inner being and how one deals with Truth, Love, and Courage."
Town : Skara Brae
Companion : Shamino
Class : Ranger
Dungeon : Hythloth
Anti-Class : N/A
Anti-Virtue : Sacrilege
Mantra : Om
Color : White
Derived From : Truth / Love / Courage
"the courage to take actions in support of one's convictions."
Town : Jhelom
Companion : Geoffrey
Class : Fighter
Dungeon : Destard
Anti-Class : Dragon
Anti-Virtue : Dastard
Mantra : Ra
Color : Red
Derived From : Courage