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Britannia. The entire realm was given this new title when "Lord Robert" was defeated on the Crimson Plains. Britain is the city of britannia The throne of Lord british is considered to be located at the interior vertex of the angular continent.

the shards, broken pieces of the gem of immortality, contain multiple facets also known as faces. When Mondain was defeated by the Avatar (stranger), Minax the student of Mondain was able to escape Lord British and the Avatar by traveling to another facet. The "willing" slaves of Minax which she calls Minaxia were relentlessly attacking Lord British and all of Britannia With the attacks she forced Lord British, his people and loyal followers to a new facet (trammel). Where the power of the virtues hold Minax at bay, not being able to attack lord british directly. Though her followers still have the ability to attack the people of Sosaria in the new facet. With the power the virtues have over the new facet players are unable to attack, or directly cause misfortune to other people in the land.

Minax now holds the power over the lands Lord British was forced to flea from (Felucca) The only way to travel between the two facets were through moonstones. Which harnessed the power to open a gate to the opposite facet. These moonstones were only obtainable through the invading forces of Minax. Geomancers have not been able to discover the true power behind the moonstones. A noticable change in the moonstones is visable when holding the stone in your hand. The colors change per the alignment of the moons.

Two factions have spawned from this move. The True Britannian's, and the Faction of Minax composed of the Minaxia.

Upon moving to the new lands. Rebellions started in the city of moonglow. Spawning different factions of belief. The Council of Mages saw that Lord British was no longer fit to Rule Britannia. As he failed to protect his land against the invading hordes. These Keepers of the arcane knowledge oppose both Lord British and Minax. And wish to replace lord british with a ruler that can restore britannia and keep peace once this has been done. The Council of mages believe if they can bring forth the avatar, or stranger, they can pull off there coup. Thus spawning the Faction of the "Council of Mages".

Another group known as the shadowlords, the once willing subjects of minax, believe minax is not the person to lead them to attack lord british for the extended period of time they believe it will take to destroy him. The Shadow Lords now apose Minax, and the Minaxia who still follow her.