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Order of the Eight Virtues
The Virtues were established by Lord British during the period historians call the Age of Enlightenment.

Order of the Eight Virtues (OEV) is a guild in the world of Ultima Online aka UO, based on the Pacific Shard.

We are a good aligned guild driven by the path of the eight virtues. Our ideals are simple, be true to one self and other members. Enjoy the game and friendships made within it.

Our guild is allied in the RP Alliance, though Roleplaying is always a plus it is not a requirement.

A Note on Search Engines and this website
The News on this website is dynamic (always changing). If you can't find what you are looking for check out the News Section.

Lord Blackthorns Coronation
Lord Blackthorn's Coronation. Dupre crowns Blackthorn as king of Sosaria!

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Balka - 2012-10-11

Blackrock golems invading Magincia
Blackrock golems have been spotted in Magincia. Last night blackrock golems were spotted desecrating the island which once held the majestic city of Magincia. A horde of Bane humanoids, pets and demons have also been sighted.

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Lyconis - 2010-10-10

Empty Graves
A massive group of citizens gathered at the counselor's hall in Britain. To our surprise "A filthy nasty grave robber" was digging his way through the floorboards. The filthy nasty grave robber told us he kept hearing voices in his head. He also admitted to digging up graves in hopes to loot and plunder the dead. However he was unable to find any graves with bodies in them. We were lead to the outskirts of Cove.

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Lyconis - 2010-10-09

Ratman Relic
A massive group of citizens gathered at the counselor's hall in Britain. To our surprise "A filthy nasty grave robber" was digging his way through the floorboards. The filthy nasty grave robber told us he kept hearing voices in his head. He also admitted to digging up graves in hopes to loot and plunder the dead. However he was unable to find any graves with bodies in them. We were lead to the outskirts of Cove.

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Lyconis - 2010-09-09

A Mysterious Substance
Alexander Valthos gathered us again to uncover a vile plot related to the ooze discovered in our recent adventures. Alexander recruited an alchemist named Aganon to conduct research on this slimy snot like substance. Neither the messenger dispatched by Alexander or Aganon have sent word of the progress on the research of the substance. We were gathered tonight to locate Aganon or the messenger to determine the progress of research on the substance.

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Lyconis - 2010-09-06

True Lub
We were greeted by Omo Trovi at the Counselors hall in Britain. He is still in recovery from his recent ordeals and is in no shape to adventure with the citizens of Sosaria. While in recover he met an orc named Varbzka who is infatuated with a PIXIE! Could you imagine the offspring that would be created from an orc and a Pixie! Omo briefed us on the story of love this orc had for the pixie. He also requested that we seek Varbzka out to hear his story.

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Lyconis - 2010-06-26

The Easter Bunny and its Nifty Carrots
Throughout the weekend the Easter Bunny was sighted in the lands of Sosaria. It appeared to be afraid of most of the citizens and dropped many carrots while running away from the hordes of citizens wanting to pet the cute fuzzy white bunny rabbit.

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Lyconis - 2010-04-04

Dawn's Quest (Ends Friday 3/19/2010)
This is an on-going event, scavenger hunt in style, and can be completed Friday March 19th, 2010. If you missed the introduction Sunday March 14th you can still start! At the counselors hall in Britain Trammel you will find a book labeled "March 14" along with lanterns that will give clues to the quest. The first players or group to complete the quest will have their names inscribed on plaques at the reward hall and have a possible future working for Queen Dawn!

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Lyconis - 2010-03-14

Savage Crisis Nexus Spirit
The time has come to save Yurelius, sources have spotted savages lingering about in Fire Dungeon. The knowledge Yurelius has obtained about the Nexus Spirit will help us discover what the Nexus Spirit is searching for or collecting.

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Lyconis - 2010-02-08

Savage Crisis Peace Offering
"The greatest harm can result from the best intentions." - Terry Goodkind Our goal tonight was to bring peace between the citizens of Sosaria and the Savages. The bloody savage war was brought to an end when Zevoz the savage leader was killed. Zevoz was an unfortunate pawn possessed by the Nexus Spirit, we are uncertain the fate of this powerful spirit. Our quest tonight starts at Delucia healer's hut and will take us to a large savage fortress in central Ilshenar. A peace offering will be given by Omo Trovi, we have been asked to wear savage kin paint to avoid further conflict.

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Lyconis - 2010-02-06

Savage Crisis War!
After being greeted by Omo Trovi news quickly shifted towards Yurelius the researcher. A discovery was found, the key to the puzzle of the orb was now known. The true power of the orb only showed itself at the location of its creation. Yurelius found it was created at the Ancient Citadel in Ilshenar which is where it await us. Our march towards the Ancient Citadel would start outside the compassion moongate in Ilshenar.

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Lyconis - 2010-01-31

Savage Crisis
Omo had asked us to meet him at the healers hut west of Delucia. After the initial attack on Delucia last week Omo Trovi recruited a researcher by the name of Yurelius. The task at hand was to discover the signifigance of the Orb and Book which was found during our last battle.

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Lyconis - 2010-01-24

Another Dumb Screenshot on Stratics
Sometimes its hard to notice a cheater even if they post screenshots of themselves doing it on the Ultima Online Forums! Learn how to scrutinize screenshots so you can point out cheaters in a public forum too!

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Lyconis - 2009-09-20

Battle of the Dragons
Some time ago rumors of a battle that could tip the scales of faction power were told. We had known it would affect the chaos and order aligned factions. Today was the day of that battle!

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Lyconis - 2009-09-05

Pet Summon Battle Arena
Larson of Quintessence Elements [Q*E] hosted a "Battle of the Summons" in his new arena south of the dungeon Wrong.

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Lyconis - 2009-09-04

Cloak of Silence Handouts
The Luna invasion has subsided but the gratitude of our valor still shows. As a thank you for upholding the virtues the Platinum Dragons have asked Dawn to reward citizens of the land with Cloaks of Silence.

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Lyconis - 2009-08-29

Detective Quest - Murder of Esme Beaumont
An eerie feeling was in the air in Trammel today. It took me a while to figure out why, then I noticed a book near a Moongate.

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Lyconis - 2009-08-28

New Web Hosting
Website moved to a permanent location. This should fix a handful of trouble I had ran into in the passed the stability should be better and download speed should drastically improve! This will also, hopefully, motivate me to get more done here. I have also dropped one of my other little side projects for another guild and all the entertaining news has been merged into this site! I will also start double posting my uo.stratics.com news reports here! They're will be more story's and news posts here than on the stratics site as some of it doesn't benefit a community but could be an entertaining read! Stay tuned and see what I can come up with!
Lyconis - 2009-08-09

Luna Invasion
Word had sprung that a massive invasion was due to occur. Omo gathered the warriors of Sosaria at the bag ball field just south of the Paladin City Luna. Our mission was simple, save the City of Luna from total destruction. Before we could save the city we had to pay a visit to the Shrine of Sacrifice where assistance was waiting.

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Lyconis - 2009-08-09

Casca's Treachery
The time has come, battle forces lead by Omo Trovi and the Mysterious Stranger began preparations to attack Casca's meeting in the ruined city of Montor.

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Lyconis - 2009-08-02

Evidence Against Our King!
Our "mission" was to check the bases of the fallen warlords in search of evidence that links them to Lord Casca. Omo decides to lead the citizens to scour the fallen bases.

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Lyconis - 2009-07-26

A Traitor in the Midst
Today's gathering was quite gloom indeed. It is now believed that Lord Casca is in league with the agents of corruption. Casca is no where to be found, he is supposedly on "official business".

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Lyconis - 2009-07-25

The Eminent Library Donator
You can now see the silver steeds at moonglow zoo on the Pacific Shard! Lin.hhh mass Contributor to the Moonglow Zoo. Full length Interview!

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Lyconis - 2009-04-15

The Worldgem Bit Exploit
Skull Mugs, Bottles and other items may have been duped. Buyer Beware! This is an article I wrote earlier this year. The bug was so easy to replicate and held potential damage to the market I didn't want to post the story on the web. I was looking through my Story cache and found it today!

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Lyconis - 2009-08-09

User Comments
Thank You    Submitted By : Monsoona    ( 2008-02-16    00:14:33 )
This website comes in handy! Thank You!
Many Thanks!    Submitted By : Filthy Hippie    ( 2008-04-15    13:36:14 )
I use this site all the time, more up-to-date and easier than any other I've found. Please keep up the great work!
Great site!!    Submitted By : Fionbharr    ( 2008-04-16    04:43:25 )
This is really a great site!! Thanks for all the usefull information and keep it up!!

Thread Readings    Submitted By : Monde Greene    ( 2008-04-27    21:16:41 )
Hail! I have 5 threads of life and 2 of fate so far...I believe the skill to read them is spirit speak and it is done by double clicking the thread. The 2 threads of fate are oriented differently but have the same message, "Feelings of warmth and appreciation wash over you; you've gained something." The threads of life are all different messages but some look the same, the messages are as follows: "The sights, smells and sounds are long gone, but you can still feel them as though it just happened."... "You take a moment to reflect upon the past, and find it leads you to a solution for the present."... "Clarity leads you to an insightful thought, and you find yourself pleased with your rationale."... "You are imprisoned."... and finally, "You die." I have no idea what they mean but if enough are read and shared around it should become clear, sooner or later.
TYPO! Stats, NOT Skills    Submitted By : Twylyte Myste    ( 2008-05-25    16:38:35 )
Last post should have read ...*Stats gain until 125, if below...pertaining to Int as well as Dex, so i thought it worth mentioning...the skills seem to cap at GM, even though they are near elder tactics when wild...hope i didnt cause any confusion
Dread War Horses!    Submitted By : Filthy Hippie    ( 2008-05-18    16:48:54 )
I finally had a chance to tame one of these, but didn't get to pre-lore it...one tamer said its the highest hp and the best resist total he's seen so here goes: HP: 635, Sta: 114 and rising, Man: 124 and RISING, (yes RISING MANA! on a beefy mage pet!), Str: 511, Dex and Int matching Sta and Man like usual...
Resists are: 66, 34, 31, 52, 48...i've seen 70 phys but i still haven't seen many so my numbers are just a glance
skills are all below gm so far but 88 wrestling, 98 tactics, and 81 spell resist is good place to start!
Filthy from the field, signing off;
Good night, and good hunting!
Thread Updates    Submitted By : Monde Greene    ( 2008-05-19    23:18:24 )
Hail! The latest threads i've gotten say: "You find a lover.", "You protect something.", and, "You die."...doesn't bode well perhaps, but then i'm a necro so i died a long time ago...anyway i hope this adds to the suspense, as well as the general knowledge. Mwahahahahaha!
Dread Warhorse Statsheet Update    Submitted By : Twylyte Myste    ( 2008-05-25    16:24:28 )
After taming over a dozen of these and loreing about 30-35, (an admittedly small sample), i have come up with the following:
HP: 573-635, Sta: 102-125*, Man:114-154*, Str,:510-545, dex and int match sta and man like always...* skills gain till 125 if below
Resists: 65-75, 20-37, 26-39, 50-59, 40-50, resit totals on the ones ive tamed range from 211-253.
hope this helps, and thanks for the great site!
Warhorse Wonders    Submitted By : Twylyte Myste    ( 2008-06-21    10:30:39 )
The warhorses go as high as 650 hp, 160 mana, and resists cap at 75, 40, 40, 60, 50. If you say, "trick" while leading one, and maybe while mounted, it will cast the same high level poison cloud it uses when wild! I'm not sure how long you have to wait to use it again, but there is a significant delay...its been several minutes since i tried it and it still says 'you must wait before trying again'...
Well, Maybe...    Submitted By : Twlyte Myste    ( 2008-06-21    11:51:42 )
the 'trick' timer seems to be 5 minutes but it resets if you try to use it before the timer expires...also doesn't seem to have any real effect in Trammel and i'm not ready to try it in Felucca just yet...
Carpenter/Retired Fighter    Submitted By : Alex VII    ( 2016-02-22    00:35:46 )
Passing by an old place I once l knew...

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