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Dawn's Music Box
Music Box DescriptionCueMIDIMP3RarityContext
Ambrosia 18 Samlethe Ambrosia Common Unknown
Boat Travel 32 Sailing Boattravel Common Sailing
Britain 10 Britain2 Britain1 Common Unknown
Britain (Positive) 9 Britain1 Britainpos Common Britain
Buc's Den 11 Bucsden Bucsden Common Buccaneer's Den
City Night 27 Forest_A Citynightedit Common Most wilderness areas
Cove 47 Cove Cove Common Cove, parts of the wilderness
Death Tune 42 Death Deathtune Common OooO oOo Ooo
Dragons (High) 26 Dungeon09 Dragonshi Common Dungeons
Dragons (Low) 46 Dungeon02 Dragonslo Common Demon Temple, Destard
Dungeon 25 Cave01 Dungeon Common Unknown
Gargoyles 40 Combat3 Gargoyles Common Combat (randomly 38, 39 or 40)
Good vs. Evil 38 Combat1 Goodevil Common Combat (randomly 38, 39 or 40)
Humanoids 39 Combat2 Humanoids Common Combat (randomly 38, 39 or 40)
Jhelom 12 Jhelom Jhelom Common Jhelom
Linelle 14 Linelle Linelle Common Trinsic Jungle and between Trinsic and Britain
Lord British's Castle 13 LBCastle Lbc Common Lord British's Castle
Minoc (Positive) 16 Minoc Minocpos Common Minoc
Moonglow (Positive) 48 Moonglow Moonglowpos Common Moonglow
New Magincia 15 Magincia Newmagincia Common Magincia
Nujel'm 45 Nujelm Nujelm Common Nujelm
Overlord 44 BTCastle Overlordv2 Common Lord Blackthorne's Castle
Pub Tune 37 Tavern04 Pubtune Common Unknown
Skara Brae (Positive) 20 Skarabra Scarabreapos Common Skara Brae
Stones 8 Stones2 Stones1 Common Opening, after other tune finishes (MIDI only)
Stones (Alternative) 19 Serpents Stones Common Serpent's Hold
Taiko 51 (Oldult04) Taiko Common Combat in Tokuno Islands
Tavern 1 34 Tavern01 Tavern1 Common Taverns
35 Tavern02 Tavern2 Tavern 2 Common Taverns
Tavern 3 36 Tavern03 Tavern3 Common Taverns
Tokuno Dungeon 50 (Serpents) Tokunodungeon Common Yomotsu Mines, Fan Dancer Dojo
Trinsic (Positive) 21 Trinsic Trinsicpos Common Trinsic
Turfin 2 Oldult01 Turfin Common Opening, after other tune finishes (MIDI only)
Valoria (Positive) 17 Ocllo Valoriapos Common Ocllo, Haven
Vesper 22Vesper Vesper1 Common Vesper, parts of the wilderness
Victory 43 Victory Victory Common Unknown
Walking 30 Mountn_A Walking Common In front of Wrong, Ice Island, wilderness, Shrines
Yew 23 Wind Yew1 Common Wind, around Haven gate
Yew (Positive) 24 Yew Yewpos Common Yew
Zento 49 N/A Zento Common Zento
Music Box DescriptionCueMIDIMP3RarityContext
Conversation With Gwenno 57 N/A ConversationWithGwenno Uncommon Dawn's Music Box
Dread Horn Area 52 N/A Dread_horn_area Uncommon  
Elf City 53 N/A Elf_city_1 Uncommon Heartwood
Good End Game (U9) 58 None GoodEndGame Uncommon Dawn's Music Box
Good Vs. Evil (U9) 59 N/A GoodVsEvil Uncommon Dawn's Music Box
Great Earth Serpent's Theme 60 N/A GreatEarthSerpentsTheme Uncommon Dawn's Music Box
Grizzle Dungeon 54 N/A Grizzle_dungeon Uncommon  
Humanoids (U9) 61 N/A HumanoidsU9 Uncommon Dawn's Music Box
Melisandes' Lair 55 N/A Melisandes_lair Uncommon  
Minoc (Negative) (U9) 62 N/A MinocNegative Uncommon Dawn's Music Box
Paroxysmus' Lair 56 N/A Paroxysmus_lair Uncommon  
Paws (U9) 63 N/A Paws Uncommon Dawn's Music Box
Music Box DescriptionCueMIDIMP3RarityContext
Selim's Bar (Strike Command 64 N/A SelimsBar Rare Dawn's Music Box
Ultima VII / Serpent Isle C 65 None UltimaVIISerpentIsleComb Rare Dawn's Music Box
Valoria Ships (U9) 66 None ValoriaShips Rare Dawn's Music Box
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