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IDOC Black Area and UOAssist Macro
The Black Area

Determing the "Black Area"

See pictures below almost identical but the lower picture is in red.

Whats the purpose of the black area? Well simple. If you open up your task manager (ctrl+shift+esc) you can see a "CPU Usage: #%" at the bottom of the window.
When you are ready to place a house and have the cursor over the game place window your cpu usage will rise. When your cursor is in the black area your cpu usage will decrease.

UO Assist fast place macro

Creating The UO Assist Macro

Open up uoassist and select the "Macros" tab.
Click the "Record" button and it will turn into the "stop"
You should notice the word "Recording" on the right had side under neath the command window.

Now that the macro is recording double click on your house placement tool

Select the house group the house size you want is in (classic, 2-story customizable houses, or 3-story customizable houses)
(I chose 3-story customizable houses)

Now select the house you want.
(I chose 9x14 for this example)
At this point you should have the house outline and your target cursor in place. Don't click anything!

Now that UO Assist has followed you through selecting a house click "Stop" in the UO Asssist Recording Window

Don't forget to set a key to the macro
Of course if you want to you can select the target location here.. I find it best not to incase there are house items blocking placement. (waterbarrels do or don't block anymore????) Even if water barrels don't other things do.. and you have to be wary if players place houses near the house you're trying to replace. Certain houses can become improperly placed with houses placed around them.

UO Last Target Macro

Creating a UO Macro for Last Target

Inside the UO client open up your paper doll click options. Then see below
Select your keystroke, and special key (shift, alt, ctrl) and in the actions list select "LastTarget"

Questions Answered

Question :

I tried that and every so often, the screen comes up and I have to re-select what size house i want.
This is due to the in game timeout mechanism for house placement.
I don't know the exact time, every so often you will need to refresh your house placement tool as the targeting cursor will disappear!

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