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[OEV] Market
market map
94o 34'N 58o 21'E

The Market Has Moved!! We have moved whats left of our vendors to Knickers and Lace, east of Umbra in an 18x18 on the pathway. The Rune Library has now moved to Felucca. Located at the Staggering Mongbat Ale hole which is located north of britain and south of the despise passages. Runes are Located on the front steps of our old establishment.

Order of the Eight Virtues Market is one of the few public keeps on the pacific shard. With over 40 vendors stocking : repair deeds, weapons, armor, shipwreck items, rares, holiday gifts, furniture, house add-ons, power scrolls, etc.
Feel free to make use of the public rune book library upstairs.
There are also a handful of "rare" items spread throughout the keep some collections in lockdown metal containers viewable by the public, including my favorite set of felucca and trammel moonstones one of each color brought by the phase of the moons can be found in the alchemy section!
Located north of the Britain, Minoc, Yew X-roads with a great view of the ocean. There is a very light spawn of reapers and gargoyles in the area so be careful when you bring your packhorses!