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My UO History
Pre2000 I was too cheap to pay for the game. So I played on a friends account. In 2000 (after the release of Renaissance / Trammel) I got my own account and starting really learning about the world. By this time my friends that showed me the game started to fade out of it. I met a vet while working on my second character (a mule) that showed me an open 7x7 (at that time small plaster) house next to his large house with a patio. I then moved to felucca and became a moonstone seller.

I joined a guild named The Sons of Thunder (TST) and began learning more about the game. My Girlfriend started playing the game a year or so after I did. I borrowed money from a fellow in my guild to place two side by side towers. I lived on serpents hold felucca for quite a while. I used to run with some players from the Care Bares, Keepers of Maddox, and many others I cannot remember.

By Publish 16 most of my guildmates had left the game due to some insane changes to gameplay. I took over an ex guild members account so I could have a small house on the pathway near skara brae and took over the shop "Thunderous Things". My Girlfriend and I started the guild Order of the Eight Virtues (OEV). Had a falling out of UO for maybe a year and came back to run the vendor house once again.

When I came back one of my serpents hold houses had fallen but I still had my vendor shop. I moved to dragon island where I fought FL day in day out. I recruited ESF and TAR to fight FL on there Guild Masters home island. After someone paged on me because they were locked in there house and my account was temporarily suspended for "improper use of water barrels" I closed that house down.

One of my real life jobs went belly up and I started working from home for the most part. Some driving consulting and a lot of programming from home. I had more free time to do IDOC's and started doing a lot of them. I recruited a member to my guild who was a Canadian IDOC'er. We started doing a lot of IDOC's started running with COS (smallner and crwth) and were doing maybe 16 idocs every morning. I wrote a database to keep track of idocs and logged over 300 we hit in a two month period. I placed one castle and two keeps for myself. A keep or two for friends and another castle for a guildmate. I became adept at looting houses, looting corpses. We moved our vendor shop to a keep in trammel and ran that for what seemed to be an eternity.

I got my guild up to maybe 10 good players, including the folks that originally got me into the game. We started doing small pvp raids on "grief" type players. Any felucca rune traps we'd raid. We did small hit and run raids with our guild titles hidden.

The group of players I ran with were great. We all shared items passed around the wealth. We hit an idoc that had tons of rares, my gf grabbed a bag with some 40 million in gold and we passed it around the guild.

Ran into some Family and Financial troubles so I became less active to run a guild. My jobs changed and so did my availability to hunt IDOC's. I started getting into more UO lore and history.

Now most of the players I played with have left the game and I started thinking about joining a larger guild. I thought about GOL but didn't like most of there players attitudes. I thought about ZKV and talked to the girl about it and decided to hang out and ask questions about ZKV. One of my buddies Filthy Hippie is in the guild, was going to ask him about the guild but he's been working out of town. Emily added my nox mage Balka as a ronin and now I'm here.