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News - BNN - 251 : Liane Sighted With Child
Liane Sighted With Child
BNN : World News : Atlantic News :
Blake the Bard Sep 24 2000 6:17PM

Recently, the great red wyrm has been seen hunting the western lands with a young dragon that is reported to be her son. Only a decade old, he is traveling with her for the first time.

This young dragon seems to share much in common with his mother. He is adept with her illusion magic, and has also been seen to take on a human form from time to time. When polymorphed, he tends to appear in clothes that match his tan skin, much like Liane and her propensity for red clothing. There are also many distinct differences between mother and child. He does not yet speak our tongue, communicating only in the hums, growls, and body language of his own kind. He is much quicker to act aggressively, even when not provoked, but has not been seen to defend himself with magic, like his mother. He also has the curiosity and patience of a human child, and has a habit of irritating humans that do not understand him.

Like his mother, this dragon's true name is unpronounceable by our race, but we have not yet given him an easier nickname for our own use.