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News - BNN - 252 : Odd Plants Found In Jungle
Odd Plants Found In Jungle
BNN : World News : Atlantic News :
Blake the Bard Sep 24 2000 6:25PM

 Recently, odd plant growths have been found in the jungle south of Trinsic. Apparently a mutation caused by nearby magical residue, these plants are unlike anything we have seen before.

The plants were first found by the son of a Trinsic farmer. "'E is always off playin', when 'e should be plowin' the fields..." said the farmer in an interview. "But with this drought, I guess runnin' off to play doesn't hurt anybody."

Locals tracked down the dragon known as Lady Liane, with the hopes of her shedding some light on the situation. Searching around the area, Liane found the ruins of an ancient building. The ruins were once the site of some kind of powerful magic. Over time, the boundaries of the spell have weakened, and now magical energy is leaking out into the surrounding area. Liane believed that the mutations were caused by this leakage.

Exposure to the fading magic within the ruins appears to be harmful. Citizens that ventured too close to them reported becoming violently ill.

Liane explained that the ruins should not be a problem - the magic should fade away and fail completely within a few months. As long as people steer clear of the structure, they should not suffer any ill effects. In the meantime, we can investigate whether the plants have any practical uses.