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News - BNN - 319 : A Strange Sighting
A Strange Sighting
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Rynstal Volman Nov 28 2000 7:46PM

I awoke from my slumber to a bright and sunny dawn. The air seemed crisp and clean as I walked outside. Today I was on my weekly travel to Magincia to deal with some trade. I traveled via the moongate and soon ventured into the lavish city. Gold and marble were everywhere as I gazed upon the proud city of Magincia. After making a quick stop at the bank, I was headed toward the markets when I noticed someone standing outside of the Great Horns Tavern. Being the curious sort, I decided to follow this man and soon noticed him opening a facet gate. I quickly ran back to the bank and grabbed a facet stone of my own, running outside of town to open another gate and follow the man across facets.

Thinking of where I found this gentleman, I headed towards the Great Horns Tavern and discovered him there viewing the establishment where Ben Kahns had made many a meal. It was here that I was finally able to speak with him. From his attire it could be seen that this was no ordinary person before me but one of noble birth and thus I asked him his name.

"Lord Marseni Volansis Aurelius of the Noble House Melin, steward of Lord Augustus Trelanis Hobart of the Noble House Methis of sacred Magincia," was his reply.

I stumbled over the names and the Houses realizing that this was indeed a unique individual within this fair city.

"What brings you hear and why have you taken an interest in this Tavern?" I asked.

The man gazed upon me for a moment and stated, "I must take my leave for now, but I will return tomorrow and I shall answer thy questions, young man. For now I must make a report of my findings to my Lord Hobart. Fare thee well." And with that he was off, leaving me to gaze in wonder after him.

What purpose does this Lord Aurelius have here? The name of Lord Hobart seemed vaguely familiar but I could not place it. What indeed is their interest in the Great Horns Tavern? My mind rambled on as I made my way back to the bank to retrieve a Trammel moonstone. Tomorrow I will seek this Lord Aurelius and perhaps learn more of what is transpiring in this city that many call the City of Jewels, Magincia.