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News - BNN - 381 : A Mage Assisted
A Mage Assisted
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Kelrin Abri, Reporter Feb 13 2001 11:27PM

Hail to you all! A letter was sent in to me recently regarding an event which occurred in Trammel. It seems that a young mage named Vlad was in Vesper retrieving some magical items for his master. From the account it seems that Vlad was unable to take these items to his master in Britain by magical means and thus would have had to walk to Britain by foot! No small task, especially for a mage!

The call went out for an escort and thankfully many adventurers arrived to respond to his need for help. After a short debriefing, the party was informed that they would be traveling to Britain and that payment would be given out once Vlad arrived safely. Thus the party began their long journey.

Things seemed to go well until the Vesper Crossroads were reached. Upon closing in on the crossroads, the warcries of several orcs could be heard as well as the deep roars of ettins. Thanks to the bravery of many individuals, the orcish war party was soon dispatched and dispersed. Though the group continued traveled along, they were continuously harassed by the few orcs in the area that still lusted for loot and battle.

After the last of the orcs were routed, the journey continued along the road and soon entered the swamps. Now as we all well know, the swamps are the last place anyone would want to find themselves travelling in small numbers! Not only is it a truly unsettling place, but the poisonous snakes, aggressive alligators and dreadful lizardmen of the area add an element of danger that most choose to avoid, by travelling the major roads of the realm. The group seemed to be doing fine and assumed that all would be well as they spied the road on the far side of the swamp. Alas though, it seems a group of lizardmen had been tracking them through the swamp and had set an ambush for them! A few of the adventurers fell to their attack, but in the end the travelling band was victorious. After helping the fallen, the escort moved on and entered the woods east of Britain.

From here things went smoothly for some time - but alas nothing good ever seems to come to those who travel in those woods. The escort was soon besieged by brigands and mages. But these were no ordinary mages, no! These mages were quite mad - and absolutely naked - and I must say, even the thought of such an insane cabal makes me shake in terror! The assault was relentless and it seemed all would be lost. Even Vlad had to help in taking down these villains! Thankfully though, other adventurers happened by and the brigands were soon chased off. The rest of the journey went fairly smoothly with one small orcish party attacking the escort and harrying them to the borders of the city.

Upon reaching the city of Britain, Vlad gave a payment of gold to each of the adventurers and thanked them for their escort. With their help, he will now be able to deliver the magical items to his master and not fear his wrath. It is great to hear of such things being done in this great realm and of how strangers will come together to help others when the need arises. A few paintings were sent to me as well, to better illustrate the tale. Well done!