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News - BNN - 494 : Finding a Cure
Finding a Cure
BNN : World News :
Lord British Returns : Finding a Cure
Gustav Vinterssen Oct 15 2003 2:31PM

The act of curing a poison is not always as simple as pulling the proper ingredients from one’s shelves and mixing their proper amounts in a given order. One must often venture out into the wilds in order to obtain the freshest, most appropriate subspecies of reagents for certain curatives. Clainin, mage and member of the ruling council, was recently confronted with such an obstruction when the Commander of the Royal Britannian Guard was poisoned during an assault against Minax and her evil forces.

Clainin did not venture forth into the great unknown without escort, of course. A detachment of the Royal Guard met Clainin at Castle British and ensured his safety on their excursion to find the missing reagents which could cure Minax’s poison and allow the good Commander to return to service.

The eminent mage had determined that the required components were to be found within the land of Ilshenar. His intrepid troupe of Royal Guardsmen braved monsters and other certain death as they searched through the Lake of Fire area for the objects of their quest. After slaying a great wyrm or two that lived therein, they collected the life-saving ingredients and returned with all due haste to Castle British.

Now, Clainin has begun working the reagents into a proper curative. His laboratory remains locked, and the royal mage works diligently night and day on this cure. He has not yet shared his progress, but the results will be posted at the Britannia News Network once they have become available.