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News - BNN - 548 : Imperial Decree
Imperial Decree
BNN : World News :
Inu the Crone : Imperial Decree
Imperial Press Jun 21 2007 3:03PM

Be it known that on this day the Empire declares a state of readiness throughout the Isles of Tokuno. It is acknowledged that recent events in the kingdom of Britannia and its associated territories cause due concern to the Empress and Her people. In order to ensure the common defense the Empress declares the following:
  1. The city of Zento shall be immediately fortified
    Guards shall be posted at all points of entry to the city, including the moongate. However, travel to and from the city shall not be hindered at this time.

  2. The Imperial Castle shall remain concealed
    Travel to the island of the Imperial Seat, save for members of the Court, is restricted.

  3. The Imperial Treasury shall be restored
    The treasures of the Empire, lost on sunken ships after a raid upon Zento, are critical to the wealth and thus the defense of the Isles. The Imperial Minister of Trade shall continue rewarding those who seek these treasures with various artifacts and gifts of appreciation.
Let it be also known that the Empire has confirmed reports that yet more treasure from the sunken ships has since washed up on the shores of our islands. The monsters of our land appear to be attracted once more to that which rightfully belongs to the Empress, and all are urged to assist in a renewed recovery effort.

As it is spoken so it is written, as it is written so it is law.