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News - BNN - 556 : Britannia Rejoices
Britannia Rejoices
BNN : World News :
Current Event : Britannia Rejoices
Zilo the Scribe Oct 18 2006 5:12PM

The infamous Ricardo, recently captured and secured in the Trinsic jail, shall be brought to trial within a fortnight. Officials plan to move the villain, under heavy guard, to the Court of Truth. Citizens are to be assured, that while Ricardo is known as something of an escape artist, he will find himself outmatched against his new bindings.

Using a specially designed carriage, the Paladins of Trinsic will test their new transport to its limits on this maiden voyage. The mobile cell, crafted of thick oak, and plated with steel, bristles with weapons. The carriage can hold up to 15 occupants, but for its inaugural run, the only unwilling passenger on the manifest is Ricardo.

Seemingly clairvoyant, the good Sheriff of Trinsic, addressed our concerns about Ricardo's upcoming trip. The mobile prison that shall house him, is not only inescapable, but highly resistant to damage, and fireproof as well. Ricardo has earned a dubious reputation throughout the underworld for his uncanny ability to escape incarceration. The virtuous Paladins of Trinsic seemed inspired by this challenge, and rose valiantly to meet it.

While this reporter passes no judgment on the accused, I feel it is my obligation to express heartfelt gratitude towards our magnanimous legal system. A system championed with heroes like Casca. A system which eternally strives to keep us safe and secure from our lesser brethren.

Citizens make way for this titan of singular purpose. Clear the roads for this juggernaut of justice. Trust in our judicial champions to bring this scoundrel, and all those like him, down low.