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News - BNN - 560 : Britannia v. Ricardo
Britannia v. Ricardo
BNN : World News :
Current Event : Britannia v. Ricardo
Lilian the Clerk Dec 8 2006 5:15PM

Hear ye! Hear ye!

Posted herein is an announcement of the imminent trial of Ricardo, legendary thief, bane of Britannia, instigator of the Ophidian War!

Having conducted and concluded all pre-trial motions, the criminal trial of Ricardo is hereby set for Friday, the 8th of December.

This trial will take place in the Court of Truth in the city of Yew, and will be open to all who wish to attend.

The Plaintiff, representing the interests of the government of Britannia, shall be Casca of Heartwood. Having previously followed this trial through its earliest stages, the Royal Council feels confident that their instrument of Justice will be able to successfully prosecute their case.

The Defendant, Ricardo, shall be represented by Beauregard of Trinsic, replacing the erstwhile Jamos. “Beau” is well known throughout the southern judicial circuit, but attends the High Court for the first time in this landmark trial. We are required to note that Beauregard has been appointed by the government as an attorney of last resort.

General Attendance

In keeping with the General Courts Protection Act (a.k.a. Keeonean’s Law), special restrictions on magic, movement, and speech will be in force while court is in session. Attendees will be seated on a first come, first serve basis until room capacity has been reached. Leaving the court at any time may result in your seat being given to another.

Please check here for further details about trial times and court rules.