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News - BNN - 564 : Lycaeum Responds on Book Controversy
Lycaeum Responds on Book Controversy
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Inu the Crone : Lycaeum Responds on Book Controversy
Reynard the Scribe Feb 2 2007 1:08PM

The Britannian News Network was contacted by Librarian Heather of the Lycaeum with the following statement:

There has been a certain amount of controversy regarding our recent decision to include the treatise "Justice", penned by Lord Erekose, in our permanent collection. The Lycaeum wishes to assure the people of Britannia that it fully supports the High Council and all of its decisions, and in no way intends its inclusion of this work as a criticism of our brethren in the Court of Truth. Furthermore, the Lycaeum has never been in contact with the individual described as "a preacher of Virtue" and was under no duress when making this decision.

On the contrary. being dedicated to Truth in all its forms, the Lycaeum is obligated to respect that different perceptions of Truth may exist and, furthermore, seek out examples of such perceptions. Lord Erekose’s work represented a lucid and concise example of a current viewpoint, and we felt it was worthy of inclusion in our collection. We sincerely hope that all seekers of Honesty will understand and respect this decision and, if possible, will visit the Lycaeum to read this fine work for themselves.

The BNN has no news about any current investigation into this matter by the High Council at this time - rest assured, dear readers, that we will provide you with up-to-the-fortnight information as we receive it.