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News - BNN - 570 : Inu “The Crone” Is Free
Inu “The Crone” Is Free
BNN : World News :
Current Event : Inu “The Crone” Is Free
Jane of Yew Mar 9 2007 5:12PM

Much to the delight of the Yew Prison Guards, Inu “the Crone” was released on her own recognizance late last night.

For those who do not know, early this winter, during the infamous Ricardo Trial, Inu stormed proceedings and was arrested for contempt of court and placed in the Yew Prison for an untold period of time.

“See here, she’s harmless, she’s done her time and well, frankly, she’s difficult to listen to”, quipped Gavin Klink, a stout, grey bearded Guard with over 20 years tenure at the Yew Prison facility.

The necessity for Inu’s continued incarceration came under intense scrutiny this week, soon after she began shouting about ‘new visions’.

“She kept the strangest hours”, added Klink, “pacing in her cell late at night, ranting at the top of her lungs about the great candle and an onslaught of hate. We tried everything to quiet her down, but she wasn’t going to stop.”

The weary guard wiped his brow, let out a sigh of relief and a quiet chuckle, “We’re just glad that Justice Verina decided to let her go.”

In a rare quiet moment, Inu reportedly promised the guards and Justice Verina that she was headed back to Tokuno.