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The Best Laid Plans…
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Draconi Jul 27 2007 7:08PM

How had it come to this? Everything he’d worked for was slipping away, just like the coins he was letting fall from one hand to the other as he sat there, thinking. His machine, his project, his research, all of it laying unfinished back in the city, for no rational reason other than the fears of the Guild. It was like the world itself had turned against him.

If it weren’t for the blackrock scare, if it weren’t for Haven…

Kronos leaned back against the tree and gazed at the fountain in front of him. His eyes danced over the arcs of gently spraying water. It took a few moments, but a sense of serenity seeped into him as familiar patterns emerged in the play of liquid. With a splash he sent a gold crown into the top tier, dashing the orderly fall of water, which made him smile ruefully as he found a fleeting sort of pride in his marksmanship.

It occurred to him that he should make a wish, and he did, still grinning at the childishness of it all as he stood up. The evening sky was darkening into a deep purple, and he could see Trammel rising above the walls of the Lycaeum’s courtyard. A few bright stars pierced the Void above, hinting at the constellations to come.

No sense moping around, he thought, turning towards the teleporter across the yard, maybe Melissa’d have supper with him tonight.