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News - BNN - 589 : Blackrock Detector To Be Unveiled!
Blackrock Detector To Be Unveiled!
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Inu the Crone : Mother Lode of Mages : Blackrock Detector To Be Unveiled!
Anderson the Scribe Mar 27 2008 4:20PM

“After initially losing funding from the Mage’s Council in Moonglow, progress on the "blackrock detection machine" resumed late last month with government intervention, and is finally nearing completion. Despite fears of the dangers involved in working with the still-mysterious substance, officials agree on the necessity of knowing where it is. Captain Avery, of the militia, made the following statement:

"After the destruction of Haven, we are taking any activity involving blackrock extremely seriously. After thorough and careful review, the Royal Council has agreed to authorize the completion and use of the blackrock detector to ensure the continued safety of Britannia."

The mage Kronos, Director of Alchemical Studies and the chief mage on the project, was unavailable for comment. His apprentice Dexter assured the BNN that, despite the delays, work on the project is going smoothly and they do not expect any snags.