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Dread War Horses!
I finally had a chance to tame one of these, but didn't get to pre-lore it...one tamer said its the highest hp and the best resist total he's seen so here goes: HP: 635, Sta: 114 and rising, Man: 124 and RISING, (yes RISING MANA! on a beefy mage pet!), Str: 511, Dex and Int matching Sta and Man like usual...
Resists are: 66, 34, 31, 52, 48...i've seen 70 phys but i still haven't seen many so my numbers are just a glance
skills are all below gm so far but 88 wrestling, 98 tactics, and 81 spell resist is good place to start!
Filthy from the field, signing off;
Good night, and good hunting!

Filthy Hippie - 2008-05-18