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Inu The Crone Spotted at The Scholar's Inn in Moonglow
Inu the Crone is back, spotted in moonglow. Babbling about next to nothing. She may have something to say! Her babblings are recorded below. I wonder if she's trying to tell us something.
Possible Spoiler
Don't you see the hole?
Mewling half-faced
Folly-fallen dewberries
Roguish eye-offending
Half-faced mammets
The lights, they flash! It burns us!
The world is round
their pig latin is screwed up
Half-faced mammets
Roguish eye-offending
Mewling half-faced

*cakles madly*

Estructionday earsbay ownday onway usway!
Hetay ordslay ofway adowshay illway elldway inway ourway eartshay!
Hetay arknessday illway engulfway usway!
Imetay itselfway allshay ebay entray andway orntay!
Istenlay otay emay!
Utbay ymay inmday isway earclay!
Ymay onguetay isway onfoundedcay!
Lyconis - 2008-03-26