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Publish 55 has arrived
With the arrival of Publish 55 has come many new additions which can be found on the Ultima Online Website.

Remember that Town Guards have been disabled for the date of publish and should be back during the next maintenance cycle. This means no Guards are active in Felucca, that includes towns!

One of the new talked about items have been new seeds to grow in game!
Three types of seeds exist
1. Peculiar Seed
2. Fragrant Seed - these will make a Cocoa Tree
3. sep??????? - I don't think there is a third, the winds could be misinformative at times.

The new seeds will drop on 3 bipedal creatures that dwell in the Tokuno Islands, on 1 bug-type creature, on 1 creature found in Despise (among other places), on 1 swamp creature, on 1 karma sensitive creature in Ilshenar, 1 creature that lurks in the Twisted Wealds, an arachnid, a compact-sized creature, an undead and a humanoid spellcaster.
The Seeds spawn on
Ant Lions
Cypress Tree
Plague Beasts
Serpentine Dragons
Juka Mage
Tsuki Wolf

For More Information on Plants and images go to the
OEV Plant References
Foxglove Flowers
Foxglove Flowers

Lyconis - 2008-09-09