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Website Downtime
Moving website to on Friday May 23rd 2008

If you experience problems which you most likely will try going to
The link may or may not work properly. I'll be testing out this connection to see if the IP address stays stable. DNS propagation should be done by the following Monday

Yikes, Finally got an internet connection up and running at the location I moved to! With that, I'm going to be testing the new connection for "stability" and hopefully my IP address will stay somewhat static.
This weekend I should be moving the server, if you are having issues connecting you should be able to reach me via the IP address. You can go to netsol.com and do a search on the page for whois and look up hilands.com. I'll see if I can work out some of the bugs with the fancy dancy blogging system I'm working on and not having its own domain name. Anyhow if my ip address changes constantly using the netsol dns servers might be a temporary option. I'll see if I can get a freebie bouncing domain pointed here too.
It appears my new host filters or so called "stealths" a few ports (1, 135, 139 445) Of course nothing I run so far so good.
Lyconis - 2008-05-14